Bills-Browns Tape Review

  Thursday Night Football produced one of its more entertaining games as the Browns held off the Bills for a 37-24 victory. Despite the score, the game was a lot closer and it involved some major ebbs and flows, including long-term injuries … [Read more...]

AFC EAST: Survival of the Fittest

On August 14th the landscape in the AFC East seemed a lot different in the mid afternoon than it does right now. Twitter was blowing up about the possible knee injury Tom Brady of the New England Patriots was thought to have sustained. Questions … [Read more...]

Buffalo Bills Experiencing a Culture Change?

With Sunday's Buffalo Bills preseason opener in the books, I noticed an ever-present theme: speed and aggressiveness in all three phases of the game. And I noticed this consistently on almost every play. Maybe it was just the fact that it was the … [Read more...]

Buffalo Bills: You Never Know Who Is Going Into The Huddle

Since the Buffalo Bills drafted EJ Manuel, I have been somewhat critical of the pick and have outlined scenario after scenario that has Kevin Kolb as Buffalo's starting quarterback.  I believed Manuel was a reach at No. 16 overall and thought he had … [Read more...]