Stacking The Deck

    Draft season is fun for me.  Stocks, trades, intangibles.  But with the advent of Twitter and other social media, it can be a bit too much.  Just a lil bit.  All the prognosticating, the 873 bazillion mock drafts, and the 1 mock … [Read more...]

Free Agency…Fallout?

The bottom seems to have fallen out of free agency with only Jeremy Kerley signing with the Detroit Lions in the past week. And what happened with Russell Okung? Find out on this week's episode. … [Read more...]

Fare Thee Well, Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson has said his final goodbye to the Detroit Lions right when free agency is heating up. Check it all out on the latest episode, now with a specialized, one time only intro song! … [Read more...]

A Game of Leverage

The Detroit Lions and GM Bob Quinn are playing poker against Calvin Johnson and a few others ahead of NFL free agency. Who holds the winning cards? Or in other words: Who has the leverage? … [Read more...]

The Calvin Johnson Waiting Game

Brandon, Nick and Mike Payton from SideLion Report ponder life without Calvin Johnson and talk about a few recent hires. … [Read more...]

Happy New Year!!!

I know, I know...It's almost 2 weeks into the new year, but that's OK.  My friends in Detroit who are regular consumers of sports talk radio know that there is a personality who likes to say (read:  yell)  "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!" until at least July. I'm … [Read more...]

Lions Central Radio: Leaping Over Lambeau

Jeff Risdon joins Brandon and Nick to talk about the Lions breaking the streak against the Green Bay Packers. Plus, a look forward to a suddenly intriguing matchup with the Oakland Raiders. … [Read more...]

The Leader Of The Pack

I did some research on lions in the offseason.  I learned a few things.  First off, that lions are the only big cats that live together in what is called a Pride.  In that pride, there are typically 3 males to about a dozen females.   As the little … [Read more...]

Lions Central Radio

The guys have a discussion about the changes at the top, give out midseason awards with the hosts from the Detroit Lions Podcast, and breakdown the Green Bay Packers. … [Read more...]

Lions Central Radio: The Bye Week Blues

The guys discuss the laugher in London, cast a critical eye toward Jim Caldwell and his latest comments, and touch on the Fords' ownership. … [Read more...]