Why #Patriots Nation Already Loves Joe Thuney

When the Patriots drafted rookie interior offensive lineman Joe Thuney last May there was some criticism for the fact that the team didn't take an offensive tackle. With injuries to starting left tackle Nate Solder and the decline in play of … [Read more...]

Stacking The Deck

    Draft season is fun for me.  Stocks, trades, intangibles.  But with the advent of Twitter and other social media, it can be a bit too much.  Just a lil bit.  All the prognosticating, the 873 bazillion mock drafts, and the 1 mock … [Read more...]

Bears Sign Danny Trevathan

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Broncos linebacker Danny Trevathan has agreed to terms with the Chicago Bears. … [Read more...]

Lions Sign Tavon Wilson

The Detroit Lions have agreed to terms with former Patriots defensive back Tavon Wilson. … [Read more...]

Will Blair Walsh Be the Next Scott Norwood?

If you paid attention to the end of the wild card game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Seattle Seahawks, you saw Vikings kicker Blair Walsh hook a short field goal badly to the left -- a field goal that would have won the game for Minnesota. … [Read more...]

Happy New Year!!!

I know, I know...It's almost 2 weeks into the new year, but that's OK.  My friends in Detroit who are regular consumers of sports talk radio know that there is a personality who likes to say (read:  yell)  "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!" until at least July. I'm … [Read more...]

Packers week By Joel Schafer

The time has come, no one in skol nation has to wonder who is  we are playing this week.  We can smell it all over Minnesota right now. It is overwhelming all over the twin cities. People from out of town have asked "what is that smell?"  The smell … [Read more...]

The Leader Of The Pack

I did some research on lions in the offseason.  I learned a few things.  First off, that lions are the only big cats that live together in what is called a Pride.  In that pride, there are typically 3 males to about a dozen females.   As the little … [Read more...]

Vikings week 9 reveiw By Joel Schafer

Skol Nation came up with another win. It wasn't the prettiest of wins, in fact it was down right ugly. The Vikings Defense carried the team for yet another game getting key holds and allowing only one touchdown.  Teddy Bridgewater got knocked out … [Read more...]

Vikings vs Lions Review by Joel Schafer

If you watched the first 15 minutes of this game and turned it off, you would be scratching your head saying "what just happened?" The Lions came out firing on all cylinders  jumping out marching down the field with 2 touchdown drives and leading … [Read more...]