Monster Keys to Patriots Bills

Monster Keys to Patriots Bills Some people wrongly believe that the Superbowl is played once a year, in February. This is a myth a fairy tail told by writers of lesser understanding to the masses. I’m here to tell you now that the Superbowl is … [Read more...]

He’s Coming, He’s Coming , He’s Coming

Four More Quarters … [Read more...]

Monster Keys to Patriots Week 3

Monster Key to Patriots Texans When I write I like to listen to music, its part of my process. Always has been, I thumb through my albums and sometimes I chose where I want to go, most times the music chooses me, Like tonight. Dark Side of the … [Read more...]

Monster Keys To Patriots Week 2

I hate to say I told you so…. Yea who am I kidding I love to say I told you so, and you know it, you're smart people that's why you come here. LOVE IT. So I told you so, I told you that if the Pats took my keys they would open the locks they needed … [Read more...]

Monster Keys to Patriots Cardinals

  If I told you I thought the Patriots would finish 2016 season 11-5 would you hold it against me? Not an unreasonable number to come to considering the Pats are without the greatest ball player in history, have virtually no “ Stars “ on … [Read more...]

My 2016 Monster Patriots Draft

Lets get one thing straight…I am not here to mock up any damn thing. Nope I am done trying to tell you or Bill where to pick who when where or bloody how. I’m finished, no one can predict what Bill Belichick will have for breakfast never mind what he … [Read more...]

Patriots: Get Deep Man

  No, Bill Belichick isn’t a BEAT poet. At least I don’t see him at any of the coffee houses I hang out in - but he did get deep this past week. In the aftermath of the feeding frenzy that will forever happen in the opening week of NFL free … [Read more...]

Monster Keys To The AFC Title

Monster Keys to The AFC Championship       Five straight AFC title games - let that sink in for a moment…..     Okay, lets continue, shall we. Five times in five years the Patriots have been in this … [Read more...]

Monster Keys To Patriots vs. Chiefs

Monster Keys To Patriots vs. Chiefs     "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth."   Mike Tyson     That line is probably one of the most profound things ever said. Be it: War - … [Read more...]

Peyton Manning HGH and Alphabet Soup

  Lets get one thing straight - I don’t care if Peyton Manning took HGH back in 2011…I don’t care if he walks around the Broncos locker room with an IV bag of human growth hormone every other day. This subject matters about as much to me as … [Read more...]