Bill Belichick: Vince Wilfork never failed to make weight at Patriots weigh-ins

FOXBORO — If you ever asked Vince Wilfork about his weight during the last few years of his Patriots career, he gave the same answer: 325 pounds. That's how he was listed on the Patriots roster, and no matter what kind of prodding you did, you got the same three digits. And, no, he wouldn't be stepping on a scale for you. MORE WILFORK VIDEO: Vince's one regret: Parents didn't live to see him play VIDEO: Did he diss Tom Brady's receivers at his press conference? Curran: Wilfork's contributions were underrated  In reporting a story on the Patriots nutritional approach back in 2014, Wilfork — who was feeling as strong as ever late in the season due to what he said were some changes to his diet