Rivers on what it will be like to meet Brady: 'I'm going to be starstruck'

FOXBORO — Tom Brady has admitted in the past that it's been more and more of a challenge to relate to teammates in their 20s as he's gotten older. As he enters his 40-year-old season, that hurdle certainly hasn't been lowered.  Consider this: When Brady and the Patriots captured their first Super Bowl title in the winter of 2002, third-round pick Derek Rivers was seven. After being introduced during a photo op on Thursday, Rivers acknowledged that meeting Brady would be an awe-inspiring moment for him.  "I'm going to be starstruck, I'm not going to lie," he said. "I got to meet [Panthers linebacker] Luke Kuechly earlier in the year in Cincinnati, and I was starstruck then, so I can only imagine

Source: Yahoo.com