Vikings week 10 review by Joel Schafer

The Vikings went into the Black Hole that is Oakland looking to stay hot.  If they were scoreboard watching they knew that if they took care of business they would be in sole possession of first place after the game. The NFL was honoring the Military  for the game and each team had Digi-camouflage hats towels and gloves. I will get back to this later.

Vikings offense went onto the gridiron and immediately marched down the field in 10 plays going 80 yards and capped with a touchdown pass to Rhett Ellison. The defense comes up with a 3 and out to spark what would turn out to be a sign of things to come for the defense.

Terrance Newman  sparked the second score of the game a field goal, which should have been a slam dunk touchdown pass to Rudolph who must have been pretending he was Troy Williamson for a moment. Newman also sparked the game sealer with his second  pick of the game. Adrian Peterson slammed the door shut on the next play on an 80 yard gallop to the end-zone. Newman earned the defensive player of the week awards with his play.


In the second quarter The Black hole came alive scoring 2 touchdowns on consecutive drives and what seemed like to close out the half.  That was until Cordarrelle Patterson decided to make a cameo appearance. Patterson housed a 93 yard kickoff return down the left sideline. To retake the lead 20-14 going into halftime.


The Raiders did not get the ball past midfield in the second half until there was 2:55 left in the fourth quarter. At this point Skol nation was up 9. If you weren’t a believer in the defense before the game, you should be now.  Newman stops the aforementioned drive in the end-zone with his second interception of the game. All year the Vikings have been good. There has been only 2 occasions that teams have scored 20 or more points, both were in losing efforts that seem very distant.


The Vikings have one the best running games in the league, but a very bad passing game. Teddy Bridgewater completed 14 of 22 for only 140 yards and 1 td no interceptions. He spread the ball around to 9 different receivers.  What is the problem?  The answer is clear. Teddy will hit you if you are open and he has time. The receivers and tight end position need to step up their play. Here is looking at you big contract guys (Wallace and Rudolph).

Since it was Military appreciation day Sunday (after Veterans day) I want to thank a few people in Skol Nation. Let me start with John Kriesel (Army) you lost his legs due to an improvised explosive device  while serving in Iraq. John continues to to kick butt and take names in life. He is the definition of never giving up. Brent Peters  (Army)  served 2 tours in Iraq. Brent may be a personal friend of mine but that doesn’t make this less significant. Brent is back home coaching teens how to play baseball and doesn’t seem to ever want the attention for all he does. He deserves more credit than this. ( I owe you a beer kind Sir)  Gary Nordy  (Marine) served 2 stints overseas that I know of and has been a marine for 20+ years. Last but not least Mike Richman (Marine) served 3 tours in Iraq. Yes I am speaking of the Bellator fighter who is up for a title fight in May.  Thank you all for your service. Your sacrifice for our nation is greatly appreciated.

2 ints. This one all but sealed the deal

2 ints. This one all but sealed the deal

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