Packers week By Joel Schafer

The time has come, no one in skol nation has to wonder who is  we are playing this week.  We can smell it all over Minnesota right now. It is overwhelming all over the twin cities. People from out of town have asked “what is that smell?”  The smell is packers week. The wayward fans from across the border have come and invaded Vikings territory. This year it has been  less than normal. The reason is the packers have not played well the past 3 weeks and those bandwagon fans are wavering. They are trying to jump back over to good side.  I happened to listen to some Wisconsin sports radio this week.  Some of the most irrational fans came out of the woodwork and got on the radio, saying things that are against common sense. I.E. Bench Aaron Rodgers, The season is over and we aren’t going anywhere, and it is time to think about the 2016 draft. Moving back to reality, the Packers are only one game behind the Vikings and this is a very important game with very real playoff implications on the line.  


Skol nation is looking to take it to the packers offense. The defense is starting to show signs of what it was like to be a fan in the  80’s. Teams are not scoring on the Vikings. The defense is not giving up points.  in 9  games they have give up 154 points against (17.1 points a game). They played Quarterbacks such as Philip Rivers and Peyton Manning and rising star David Carr. Receiver Alshon Jeffery , Calvin Johnson , Demaryius  Thomas and a budding star of the future Amari Cooper were among the people they held in check.  In total yards given up per game they currently rank 9th at 336 yards a game. With that being said, the Vikings rank 22th in overall offense, (31st passing and 1st rushing)


The Packers have this guy named Aaron Rodgers playing quarterback. I could bore you to death with stats throughout his career, but vs the Purple we must all recognize just how good he is. In 14 regular season games vs the Vikings he has completed  71.2% of his passes. He has thrown for 31 touchdowns compared to only 4 interceptions.  In 2 of the last 3 games the packers have scored 40 or more points. what is the bright side? The last game he played against us our defense allowed only 24 points and Rodgers 4 lowest pass completion percentage of 65.52% . How do we stop Aaron?  Get physical with the receivers and move them off their routes. Dirty his pocket and contain him inside the pocket.  Do not let him extend the play. Carolina and Denver gave a very good blueprint on how to beat the packers.

The Packers are giving up  20.6 points a game ranking 11th in the league in this category.  They are also ranked 24th against the run allowing 116 yards a game. With the Vikings having the running game they possess expect a stampede. This may be a game where Teddy is limited to 15-20 passes because of the leaky run defense. Adrian may still be mad about being held a few yards short of Dickerson’s record. Stefon Diggs has been held in check for 2 games, will he  get back on track? Will the big dollar tight end and receiver actually do something?
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