Monster Keys to Patriots Bills …



Nine games – nine wins. Nine and ZERO. Who would have thunk it? Yeah, I said thunk -sue me, I’m trying to liven things up a bit. Rex hasn’t done his part this week so I thought I would pick up the slack with a little bad grammar of my own. I draw the line there though…sorry no bad you tube videos of my wife’s feet.. Homie don’t play that. But lets digress – nine and a big O. That’s where the patriots stand as they welcome Rex and his Bills back to Gillette. What’s it going to take to get to 10-0? More than showing up – here are my Keys to this weeks match-up:


Fast and Furious


Yes my rabid readers its time to bring the nitrous. One way to keep this D on its heels and not in the Patriots backfield is to keep them on the field and sucking wind. I want to see a ton of two-minute style drives. Hurry up and no huddle is the driving style I want to see Sunday.


Stack and Spread


Stack Gronk in with the wide outs and then use motion to spread the field. We know what Rex is going to do, pack the middle of the field with defenders and force Tom to hold the ball and throw outside the numbers. The Pats need to create confusion and space to get Gronk & Co open quickly and allow Tom the opportunity to pick apart this secondary.


Get Old School


Play action has not been a huge part of the Patriots game planning this season but I think it’s going to play a huge roll this week. Getting Blount involved early forcing the Bills D to respect the threat is paramount. Set up the play action game and allow Tom more time in the pocket.


Shut down their Run Game


Shady McCoy is healthier than he has been all year, putting up back to back 100 yard efforts against the Phins and Jets. Carlos Williams has become a legitimate threat whenever he touches the ball. Stop these two and put the game on Tyrod Taylor.


Contain and Control


Speaking of Mr. Taylor, its paramount that the Pats keep him in the pocket. We all saw what happened in the forth quarter of week two. Taylor got outside the pocket and improvised the Bills to the best quarter they have played against the Pats in three years.



That’s it folks, oh sure I could get into don’t take bad penalties or win the turn over battle but those things speak for themselves. Don’t they? Will see. All I know is we have to wait until Monday for the game and that means two things, one what the hell am I going to be force fed to watch Sunday and how can I convince my wife that’s more important than going to her brothers anniversary party ?



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