The Leader Of The Pack

I did some research on lions in the offseason.  I learned a few things.  First off, that lions are the only big cats that live together in what is called a Pride.  In that pride, there are typically 3 males to about a dozen females.   As the little lion cubs get older, the males leave, and the female cubs stay with the pride.   Before I bore you with all that I’ve learned, let me tell you about the most interesting fact that I learned:  You know who does the hunting???


Female Lions on the Prowl

The females!  They are the primary hunters in the group.  They work together as a team and take down their prey which are usually faster than they are.   Don’t mess with a group of female lions.  They’ll take you out.

You know what other female lion will take you out?

Martha. Firestone. Ford.  She has proven in the past week and a half or so, that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Mrs. Ford was married to William Clay Ford, Sr. the owner of the Detroit Lions.   Mr. Ford passed away in March of  2014.  Since his passing, most fans wondered who was really running the franchise.   The general thought that Mrs. Ford was officially the owner on paper, but that her son, William Clay Ford, Jr. (known to Detroit fans as Bill/Billy or Junior) would be the ones making the decisions. The 2014 season came and went pretty uneventfully.  The Lions had hired new coach Jim Caldwell and made the playoffs, and lost in heart breaking fashion in Dallas.   Again, Mrs. Ford was just sitting quietly by.  Observing and taking it all in.     Then the offseason came.  It was a little tumultuous with the departure of Ndamukong Suh, bringing in Haloti Ngata, retaining Teryl Austin, and on top of that, had a pretty decent draft for once.

Then the season started.

To say that the 2015 campaign has been disappointing is an understatement.  This team has straight under performed.  And have looked downright awful while doing it.   The run game has been awful, they tried their hardest not to win a game.  They finally outlasted the Bears for their lone win for the season.  Their O-Line has been straight trash.  Fantasy fans everywhere are actually wondering if they should start Calvin Johnson.  And that’s just wrong.   Fans have been calling for changes anywhere from getting rid of Caldwell and Joe Lombardi, to the usual the Ford’s need to sell the team to Dan Gilbert or Mark Cuban.   But the biggest rallying cry for the fans in the Motor City?  Same Old Lions.

Week 8 came and Jim Caldwell fired the offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi and their O-Line coaches.  The team goes to London and gets embarrassed by Kansas City.


We're Lions


The head Lioness had seen enough.


Mrs. FordNovember 5th Martha Firestone Ford said, “I can’t with this team right now.”


In shocking fashion, Mrs. Ford fired the GM Martin Mayhew and team president Tom Lewand.

The fans were shocked but thrilled.  Mrs. Ford was able to do something that her husband didn’t always do.  He was a great guy.  The Ford’s for the most part do business right.  Henry Ford was a guy who was big on loyalty, and that trickled down to his last surviving grandson.  So, it essentially would take an act of congress for Ford Senior to make changes in upper management with this team.  But not Mrs. Ford. This team was terrible, and she felt that the fans deserve better.  So she made changes.  And you know what else she did besides fire two people?

She talked to the team, and the media. Herself. Mrs. Ford. She did that.

In my years of Lions fandom, I don’t remember a time when Mr. Ford met with with the media OR the team.   The Mrs. Ford Era of the Lions has given the fans hope.  She wants to see a winner.  The fans deserve a winner and she wants to put that in place.

This team is potentially on the brink of something good.   There are tons of decisions to be made.  Not only will there be a new GM and president, there may also be a new head coach, and quite possibly a new QB, and others.  The mood among the players is that no one is safe.  That’s something that this team hasn’t seen in awhile, if ever.   If the Lions upper management and Mrs. Ford play their cards right, they could be building something good here.    Most people now are talking about Matthew Stafford, and if he’s safe in his job.  I say that remains to be seen.  If this remodel/rebuild/reboot of the team is to be successful, then whoever comes in will have a chance to mold this team the way they want to.  Will Stafford be a part of the plan?  Remains to be seen.  Is it all his fault?  Nah.  But you know the old adage:  When they win, the QB gets all the love.  When they lose, the QB gets all the blame.

At this point it’s time to call this season a wash and wait for the off season.   Martha Ford in one week has proven that she is up for the challenge to make this team better.   I’m cautiously optimistic that this will work. If they bring in the right leadership, this team may no longer be the laughing stock of the NFL.


All Hail Martha!