Vikings week 9 reveiw By Joel Schafer

Skol Nation came up with another win. It wasn’t the prettiest of wins, in fact it was down right ugly. The Vikings Defense carried the team for yet another game getting key holds and allowing only one touchdown.  Teddy Bridgewater got knocked out literally in the fourth quarter on one really dirty hit. (more on that later) The offense left it up to the special team and Defense. In the end we got the win 21-18.


Teddy Bridgewater did many things well in this game. He was drawing the defense off-sides with his cadence. He made smart plays with his feet and passing the ball. He did throw a deep interception that looked like it was a touchdown for a second and then was pulled away from Stefon Diggs for and interception. The one blemish was not a bad throw, there needs to be a trust that your guy will get that ball, in this case that didn’t happen.


Adrian Peterson  toted the rock 29 times for 129 yards.  He also fumbled on consecutive plays. Fortunately both fumbles were recovered by the Vikings.  Are we back to the 2008-2009 Adrain Peterson? This should be concerning to Skol nation. Peterson is on pace to have 10 fumbles. This would be a career high for Adrain.


Mike Wallace was targeted 6 times and caught one ball for 4 yards. The week before he had 4 targets and no catches. He is averaging 37 yards a game, with only 2 games above 50 yards. Should we be shocked? No. Wallace does not run good routes. He rounds routes off instead of making a hard cut.  You can see and instance of this in the 2nd quarter  vs the rams. Wallace drifted nearly 3 yards up the field and never came back on a ball that Teddy put to a spot on the field. That spot was where Wallace was supposed to be. Wallace has dropped a number of balls this year also hurting his performance.


Harrison Smith was shut out in the tackles column, I can give him a pass on that. This was an anomaly for the Hitman. Smith was in position to steer plays back to his teammates or slow down Todd Gurley or on one play Gurley  escaped back to the pursuit after Smith had his arm momentarily.


Linval Joseph was a force to be reckoned with. Joseph had 7 solo tackle a half sack and 3 more assists. Leading the team was Chad Greenway with 8 tackle and 2 assists. Not bad for and old man. When the young kids aren’t able to go the old man  is still able to show he still has it.



Greg Williams was the master cog to Bountygate.  This is something that happened on some level. If there was extra money given to players for intentional attempting to injure players, that is irrelevant to the case. Williams is Notorious for going after players especially quarterbacks.  In 2009  his defense  took out Kurt Warner. Bret Farve was for the most part hurt beyond repair after several dirty hits.  If not for the courage or stupidity of Farve to keep going he would have been done.  Coach Dungy told a competing company that he believed that Peyton manning was targeted and when Williams was under Coach Fischer in 1997-2000 something similar was in place. In January 2012 Williams gave a speech to his defense telling them to go after Frank Gore’s head, Vernon Davis’ ankles, Michael Crabtree’s  knee and Kyle Williams Head.  This was before a playoff game. When Williams was a head coach in Buffalo there were also conflicting reports of people getting targeted for rewards. However you look at it Williams was suspended indefinitely and then later reinstated in 2013.  Williams needs to be out of the league along with the guy that hired him back into the league, Jeff Fischer.

Fischer Responded to  Zimmer’s comments telling him to watch tape. He responded to Rodney Harrison’s statements on the pregame of Sunday night football with a statement talking about how many personal fouls  roughing the passer and unsportsmanlike penalties he had. and how dirty Rodney was.   Fischer  hired Williams knowing that these things are out there. Fischer had him as a coordinator in Tennessee. He knew what was going on all the way 15-18 years ago. He knows right now that is going on in his locker room. For a member for the rules committee to let this type of thing go on is unacceptable. Go away Jeff Fischer.teddy lionsjoynerjea 2079 vikings st louis