Vikings vs Lions Review by Joel Schafer

eric kendricksdiggs-tdteddy lionsstaffordIf you watched the first 15 minutes of this game and turned it off, you would be scratching your head saying “what just happened?” The Lions came out firing on all cylinders  jumping out marching down the field with 2 touchdown drives and leading 14-3.  Things Did not get better for the Lions after this. The Vikings ended up throwing this game into high gear only punting once in a lopsided 28-19  win.


Going into the second quarter down 14-3, Skol nation saw glimmers of hope manufacturing 3 points on the first drive of the second quarter. The defense started to batter and bruise Matt Stafford and getting 7 sacks in the games and show the real Zimmer Defense.  The Lions lost their roar scoring once after their first quarter outburst kicking a field goal in the middle of the 2nd.

Teddy Bridgewater  looked good throughout the game completing 25 of 35 passes for 316 yard and 2 touchdowns.  The second touchdown was via the long ball to Stefon Diggs (a highlight reel catch), who got a chance due to injury and has played incredible in 3 games he has taken over the receiving yards lead for the team.

Adrain Peterson was almost a non factor in this game he rushed the ball 19 times for  97  but most of the yards came on one carry (75 yards). Peterson has seemed like he can’t wait for a hole to open and has been bottled up. He also seems to have a problem with fumbling again this year. Although Teddy was credited for a bad exchange, clearly the running back needs to secure the ball.

Eric Kendricks continues to impress everyone with his play. Kendricks lead the  team in tackles with 6 and had 2 sacks in the game. Skol nation got a steal picking this kid up in the second round. Kendricks earned Defensive Rookie of the month honors for his play.

Well it is to the part of the year  where I found out I owe Stefon Diggs an apology. I called Diggs “just another guy”  in a preseason article. Had I done more research I would have found out he had 7 different guys throwing passes to him. I understand that is only 3 games in this young man’s career, but he has shown the ability to get separation, run routes with attention to detail and make catches. I am not going to out of my way to call him a star quite yet, however I see what he is doing. Keep doing what you are doing and become the star.