Monster Keys to Patriots Dolphins



Well, here we are people – still flying high on a big division win over the Jets, and here come the Phins. Those of us old enough to remember when the Dolphins were relevant understand why this is always so personal. If you grew up in the 70’s you had to endure that one kid in class who would never let you forget the “Perfect Season” in 1972 and back-to-back Superbowl wins in 72 & 73. Then there were the insufferable Marino years, who, if you listen to any Dolphins fan, is the greatest QB of all time. It’s painful people, just painful. The man never won a damn thing. At least JETS fans live in the Tri-state area. Dolphin’s fans (the original bandwagon pink hats of the world) are spread across the country, popping up like annoying garden gnomes every time your local team faces Miami, hanging six or so Dolphins flags  in your town forcing you to  have to explain to your 5 year old why someone who lives where you do would ever be a Dolphins fan. They were “raised wrong” son . So you get it, I know. Now we get Soup Campbell and his Rah-Rah High School musical version of the Fish coming to town. Coming off two wins, He’s worked his team and fan base into pep-rally frenzy worthy of Rydell High, well the Bon Fire goes out tonight. Lets get to my keys to Patriots Victory.


Pick your Poison:   The poison the Patriots should choose is Ryan Tannehill. Shutting down Lamar Miller needs to be the focus tonight. Don’t allow Campbell to use Miller to dictate the pace of this game. Force it into Tannehill’s hands by stopping this Dolphins rushing attack. While last week the Pats had to fill the gaps to shut down Chris Ivory Miller will take it to the edge and make you pay if you’re late getting there. Ninkovich and Chandler Jones are going to need to set that edge letting Hightower, Collins and company close any gates or windows Miller tries to squeak through and around.



Limit the Laundry:   While last weeks test against the Jets formidable D-Line was passed with flying colors, this weeks match-up is something quite different. The Dolphins are working a speed rush system and this young piece-worked Patriots offensive line needs to limit the penalties that negate positive plays and push Tom into longer marches for first downs.


Discipline the problem Child: “Who’s the problem child Murph?”   Great question – you guys always ask great questions. Cameron Wake – that’s who. With six sacks in the last two weeks no one is enjoying this new Dolphins attitude more than Wake is. How do you combat that? Simple – run at him and screen past him. While we didn’t see the Patriots use their running backs at all last week expect a heavy dosage or Blount and Lewis or Mr. White Thursday night. Force Wake to respect the run and not run amuck in Brady’s front yard.


Push The Red Button: I love pushing the red button don’t you? That’s right folks this is going to be a Fast and Furious night for the Patriots offense. Get to the line quick, get the ball out quick, and run up the score quick. I want to see Wake Suh and the rest of the Dolphins D sucking wind and begging for O2 after every Patriots Score.


Win that Turnover Battle: The Dolphins have created five turnovers and scored two TD off INT’s, both by Rashad Jones over the past two weeks, don’t let this happen.


A Good Gronking:   Here is an example where Stats lie.   Miami, on paper, is one of the better teams in the league at defending opposing Tight Ends. Thing is, they haven’t faced many and when they have (Red Skins, Bills and Titians) the opposition has racked up 250 yards and two scores. I expect to see a lot of Gronk down the seams Thursday night.


That’s it folks, those are my keys to The Pats keeping it perfect and putting out the Dolphins bon fires. It always looks simple on paper and most of the time the Hoodie & Co. make me look good on the field, lets hope it works out tonight and we can all enjoy a long weekend at 7-0.



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