Monster Keys to Patriots Colts



My friends, I give you all Colts Week – Revenge Week – Redemption Week. No matter what you call it, its finally here. The game you and I have all had circled since the schedule came out. The game you and I have all wanted since Bob Kravitz and his sources dropped this non-story at halftime of the AFC Championship Game. Call it what you will, its here. Patriots owners, coaches, player’s, ball boys and locker room attendants will deny it. It’s another game they’ll say; we are focusing on this like any other game on the schedule they’ll tell you. Don’t buy it for a minute. This one means something more. Tom Brady has been walking through the NFL landscape with a flamethrower and now his Scorched Earth tour makes it’s biggest stop in a stadium as if it needed any accelerant appropriately named Lucas Oil. Kind of poetic don’t you think. Thanks for letting me ramble on people, lets get to my keys.


Don’t Get Blind Sided: The Pats have used eleven different O line combinations this season. ELEVEN. Now with Nate Solder out for the season, options and skill level on that line decrease – whether its Marcus Cannon, Sebastian Volmer, or who ever Bill and Googs slip into the Left Tackle spot. Keeping Tom’s blind side protected is crucial on Sunday.


Open Old Wounds: The Colts rush D has been so pathetic it put Jonas Gray on the cover of Sports illustrated. In the past three meetings against Indy the Patriots have 657 rushing yards – starting to see my point here? The Pats don’t need to run the ball Sunday to beat this team, but they should and will. Make this young Colts line and front seven respect the run. Then, Dot Dot Dot


Open it up: Make no mistake people, while running the ball is going to play into Sundays contest, this is going to be the TB12 show. Since this entire fiasco began Tom has had his mind on his reputation and his reputation on his mind. Expect Brady to exploit this suspect group of Colts linebackers and DB’s with his arm and his Gronkowski.


Don’t Wait for the Luck to Run Out: Sooner or later, Luck will make a mistake or three. He always does – but rushing him from the edge and stunting him up the middle with pressure is the surest way to force that issue. Expect to see a heavy dose of Collins and Sheard in the Colts backfield on Sunday.


Book a Suite: T.Y Hilton is still the number one weapon in Andrew Luck’s arsenal. Chuck this man at the line and keep him from hitting his spots. Force Luck to check down to second and third hotel options, of which he has none.


Win the Turnover Battle: the Colts only hope to keep this thing close is to turn the Pats over. To this point the Patriots have excelled in taking care of the ball, but the Colts D will be trying to hawk it every chance they get. Tom needs to keep doing that thing he’s done all season and not throw to the wrong colored jersey, and Lewis can’t put the ball on the carpet.


That’s it folks.   We are done here. Looks easy enough, doesn’t it? But trust me, Pagano and his crew are trying to make it as difficult as possible. They have been embarrassed by the Patriots time and again during the Suck for Luck era and their only solution to this point is to leak bad information to the media to try and deflect from their failures. Let’s not forget hanging (we got there banners) to appease the fan base.

Colts Pride

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