Seahawks over Bears Review

After unexpectedly coming out flat in the first half yesterday, the Seattle Seahawks looked much better in the second to win 26-0 over the Chicago Bears. What, however, did Seahawks fans learn about their team on Sunday?

Tyler Lockett is who we thought he was

Lockett once again showed that he is a savant at the return game. After returning a kickoff and a punt for touchdowns in games that did not count (the preseason), Lockett returned a punt for a score in his first regular season game, and in game three returned a kickoff 105-yards for a touchdown. In fact, Seattle is already using him as a decoy. In the first half of Sunday’s game, the Bears punted and Lockett acted as if he was going to catch the ball. The ball actually was heading towards the opposite side of the field where Richard Sherman was waiting to return it. While Lockett fell down as if he had the ball, Sherman was running down the sidelines for a 63-yard return. This same kind of play was used successfully against Seattle last season in a game against the St. Louis Rams, and Seahawks coaches obviously took notice. Lockett’s role in the offense has digressed with every game, but the promise is there. He should be an exciting player for Seattle fans to watch for many years to come.


Thomas Rawls was a wise choice to keep on the team

While running back Marshawn Lynch mostly sat out the game with a calf injury, and backup Fred Jackson seems to only be in the game plan as a specialized player, Rawls showed he can be a productive running back. Before Christine Michael was traded to the Dallas Cowboys and Robert Turbin was placed on Injured Reserve, Rawls was on his way out of Seattle. Rawls played well in the preseason, and showed as the featured back on Sunday that, if needed, he can help put the Seahawks in a position to win. Rawls did not score a touchdown against the Bears, but his numbers were very good: 16 rushes for 104 yards and a 6.5 yards-per-carry average. Knowing Rawls is available definitely relieves some of the nervousness Seahawks fans would feel if Lynch were to suffer a more serious injury.

Seattle discovered Jimmy Graham is on the team

Finally, the Seahawks threw enough to Graham where he could make a difference. He led the team in receptions with seven and reception yards with 83. Plus, his 30-yard touchdown catch was vintage Graham. He caught the ball over the middle at the 15-yard line, broke a tackle, used his speed to reach the end zone where he bulled his way in. Games like this should not be the exception for Graham going forward; they should be the norm. In fact, he was targeted eight times. He could be targeted even more in the future. That should be the expectation.

Jordan Hill can make a difference

In the first half with the Bears moving the ball, Hill broke through and stopped Bears running back Matt Forte for a two-yard loss, effectively killing the drive. Hill had four tackles, but two of them were for losses. Solid defensive line depth is a must for a team with Super Bowl hopes, and Hill proved on Sunday that he can be a very good player.

The Bears are not good and the Seahawks still struggled

All of the above points must still be weighed with the fact that the Bears are just lousy, especially without quarterback Jay Cutler and receiver Alshon Jeffery. The fact that the Seahawks led only 6-0 at half and the Bears had almost double time of possession at one point was extremely worrisome. The Bears seemed incapable of sacking a quarterback in the first two weeks of the season, but quarterback Russell Wilson went down four times against Chicago. The Bears had a total of ten hits against Wilson. That is not good. Lynch failed to pick up the one yard needed to make a first down on third-and-one at one point. It was not until the second half that the offensive line looked even remotely decent versus the Bears. The boos directed towards the Seahawks from their own fans at the end of the first half were warranted. That the Seahawks played so poorly against one of the National Football League’s worst teams was not expected and should not be. Seattle won, but it is still a long way off from being the team Seahawks fans have gotten used to seeing over the last several years. The Seahawks offensive line must improve or Seattle will struggle to make the playoffs.