Tom Brady Is Jonathan E



When I was nine years old, I snuck into my first R rated movie. If you paid me I couldn’t tell you what the G rated flick I told my mother I was going to on that Sunday afternoon was, but I knew before we left the house that Roller-ball was the movie I was going to see. For weeks I had watched the trailers of James Cann skating through fire, around motorcycles and jamming that steel ball into the arena wall. It was like hockey roller-derby professional wrestling and every gladiator movie id ever seen rolled into a nine year olds vision of the perfect sport.   At the ripe old age of nine, I didn’t understand the nuisances of Roller-ball. How could I? I was transfixed by the sport, and too young to understand the story behind it.


Roller-ball was set in the then said and now actual not to distant year of 2018. Corporations ran the world and because of Roller-ball wars were a thing of the past, and Jonathan E was the sports king. For fifteen years Jonathan E had kept his Houston team and “The Energy Corporation” who owned it and they thought him atop of the world and in a position of power for as far as the other corporations across the globe were concerned had been far too long. It was time for Jonathan E to retire. When he refused the corporations fought back – by changing the rules of the game. You see, Jonathan’s refusal to step aside and abide by their decision threatened the structure of non-individualism that this society is based upon. They wanted to level the playing field, they wanted him out, and were willing to kill him to do so. Starting to see the comparisons? No one is saying the NFL is trying to literally kill Tom Brady, but assassinate him in the public eye through their Media Corporation, you bet.


Tom Brady wasn’t supposed to be successful – well not this successful. He was a sixth round pick it was a great story when he won his first Superbowl and the second and third – well The NFL loves its dynasties.   The Steelers, The Cowboys, The Forty-Niner’s and their QB’s were loved during their amazing runs. But Brady didn’t go away like the others did, the Patriots Corporation didn’t stop winning. This team refused to pass the torch to the next great team. Belichick, Brady and the Team weren’t finished and refused to go quietly into the night. Like Jonathan E, Tom wasn’t going to let Goodell tell him when it was supposed to be over. If the next great team wants it, they have to come and take it. They can change the rules over and over again to try and create the next dynasty – Tom Bill and the Patriots, like Jonathan E, just take the rule changes as they come, flip off the cooperation, adapt and keep on winning.