Monster Keys to Patriots Jaguars

Go Go Godzilla


I don’t care how you pronounce Jaguars I really don’t. The only thing I care about is how to beat them. The Pats are coming off a stellar offensive performance in Buffalo where Tom Brady threw for 466 yards and another 3 touchdowns. Contrary to popular belief, Brady spread the ball around quite a bit last Sunday. This was more than the Gronk-Edelman show. Completing passes to eleven different players, it was truly Brady being Brady. I’ll take what you give me, move the chains and before you know it, your down twenty one, leaving you wondering how the hell did that happened. But enough about last week – the Pats are onto the Jaguars or is it Jaguars? Hell here’s my keys to beating Jacksonville.


“Dance with the One who Brung you” – Darrell Royal. I love that quote. And that’s exactly what the Pats should do this week against Jacksonville, dance their way down the field on the arm of Tom Brady and this quick strike, let the YAC be your running attack approach.


Win the Turnover Battle.   Yes my rabid readers, its week three and I’m not going to wait for week four to pull the turnover card. Tom hasn’t tossed an INT yet but Dion Lewis has put the ball on the carpet a time or two. This Jacksonville team will be hungry to prove themselves this week and a sure fire way to do it is to create turnovers. Hold onto the ball.


Don’t get beat Deep.   WR Allen Robison tore apart a very good Dolphins secondary last week, catching 6-of-12 targets for 155 yards and two touchdowns in Sunday’s 23-20 win, including a 46 yard score. His running mate Allen Hurns has pulled down nine of his eleven targets for 128 yards in the first two games of the year. We all know what the soft underbelly of this Patriots team is.

Rob Ninkovich

Rattle Blake’s Cage.   In week one, the Panthers spent the day in Blake Bortles face, sacking the second year QB five times, forcing him into two interceptions and came away with a 20-9 win. In week two, the Dolphins didn’t sack Bortles at all, and limped back to Miami 1-1. This is going to be tricky since once again Bortles is a QB you want to contain in the pocket. But as we saw last week in the first half against the Bills, it isn’t a task that’s beyond this Patriots D.


Play 60. Yes folks, lets take the advice the NFL gives kids and play an entire sixty minuets. Two weeks in a row the Pats have let teams make things interesting in the forth quarter. I’d like to be relaxing – the forth is for fans. You guys are still on the clock.


That’s it people.   Those are my keys to week 3 and the Pats going to 3-0. I’m not worried about this team looking past Jacksonville.   I’m not concerned that a Bill Belichick team will try to get to their bye week a few hours early. The Hoodie will have them focused and ready for Sunday. These guys just need to execute.


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