Of Gods Monsters and Tom Brady

Go Go Godzilla



There is nothing scarier than Tom Brady on a mission. Steven King couldn’t come up with a more horrific monster. Coming off a forth Superbowl and third Superbowl MVP Tom Brady should have had the off season of his life, but the horror author of this NFL tale Rodger Goodell wasn’t about to let that happen. Bogus science, edited reports and predetermined outcomes led to a nightmare of finger pointing and mudslinging, not only by the Gods at the league office but the media the public and in some cases his NFLPA brothers. Even after Goodell’s suspension, reports and appeal ruling had been ripped apart for the dime store novel it was in federal court the damage done to TB12 had been so great and the branding so deep that nothing was going to save the league from the fallout monster it has created. Nothing.



The first two chapters of Tom Brady’s own novel “Revenge “ have been written. In the opener the Monster tossed four touchdowns, in the second he tossed three more. Completing almost 70% of his passes Brady has wracked up over 750 yards and put together a Passer Rating of 119. If you or I had actually sat down to write this book ourselves editors might ask us to add in an interception or two maybe the death of his puppy. You know just to make the monster more sympathetic, but its obvious Brady could care less about sympathy, I haven’t even mentioned the table setting prequel to “Revenge” the best selling novella Brady wrote last year. “Superbowl XLIX”.


Since the second half AFC Title Game? You know since they pumped up the balls. Brady’s numbers are out of this world 112.-155, 72.3% for 1123 yards 13 TD and just 2 picks that’s a MONSTER  QBR of 117.5 . We all should have seen this book coming. At least Goodell should have.


Yes the first two chapters of Tom Brady’s manuscript are written, I for one can’t wait for the next. I suggest the commissioner’s office through their ministers at ESPN stops feeding Brady its radioactive propaganda. Stops launching nuclear missals at the author in the form of articles and unnamed sources from it’s bunker at 345 Park Ave. Stop trying to flank Brady and The Patriots with your evil allies in Indy and Bristol. Its a futile effort to protect yourself Mr. Commissioner. But you wont will you Rodger? That’s fine; it’s only going to make the rest of this read more enjoyable. You see it doesn’t matter; the radiation only makes the monster stronger, more focused and more powerful. No matter what you do now. The monster you created has broken lose and taken over the landscape, And at the end of this story, no matter what you do from here on .

Godzilla Eats San Francisco


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