AFC East Fantasy Break Down

Thomas J. Murphy II

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The AFC East Fantasy Breakdown

The AFC East Fantasy Breakdown


We Have Football people REAL FOOTBALL, well as real as it gets since this is Fantasy and we don’t have to pay these players. Our luxury boxes are more-likely-than-not the living room or sports cave. But the beer is always cold the munchies are always hot and anyone who gets their drink on a bit to much and gets obnoxious  in front of your kids, hell we can toss them out on the street, but lets digress shall we. Week one is in sight; the Pats have already played so that just leaves us with the Dolphins, Bills and Jets to break down for Sunday. So lets get to it

The Bills

Buffalo is home to Indy this week and that means two things… the running game should be in full affect for the Bills and The Buffalo D is going to have to come up big, a tough task considering Andrew Luck and his band of merry receivers are coming to town.


LeSean McCoy RB1: look its no secret you’re starting Shady this week. The Colts run stopping ability is so poor that you would think the hand of God had something to do with it. I know every year is a new year blah-blah-blah but I don’t see this Colys unit being able to handle McCoy’s versatility. Look for Shady to touch the ball some 30 times on Sunday for a 100 yards plus combined yards and a score …. 17 points and a RB 1 rate.


Percy Harvin Flex : I have no issues in Flexing Percy this week definitely in PPR . While a huge injury risk you did draft and stash him on your bench (didn’t you?) and while the colts do have a good Passing D, I can see Harvin catching 4 or 5 balls for 40 and a sneaky score.


Sammy Watkins WR3: Meet Vonte Davis, Davis will wear Watkins like a cheap suit all day. I don’t see Sammy as more than a WR three this week.


Charles Clay : Clay isn’t on a lot of people Radar, and this week that’s a good thing, because you can scoop him up and get 11 points out of him.



Ryan Fitzpatrick: Some people are born to greatness and some have greatness punched upon them. The latter is what’s happened to Ryan Fitzpatrick this year when Geno got his ass knocked out of the lineup. While there are weapons around Fitzy you didn’t draft him so why are we even talking here? NEXT


Chris Ivory RB2: you did draft Chris Ivory. The Cleveland run D is almost as poor as anyone’s in the league, if you can believe this Rex Ryan actually hurt Chris Ivory last season, I see a huge up tick in his numbers and the way he’s used by Chan Gaily Ivory is a solid RB 2 this week and a great flex option.

Brandon Marshal WR2: I’ve never been a huge fan of Marshals, that being said he can put up numbers to justify your playing him every week, the Browns have a decent set of DB’s to try and keep Mr. Marshall under wraps but they wont do a good enough job to keep hum out of the solid WR 2 tier this Sunday.


Eric Decker WR2: I like Decker a lot this season, with the addition of Marshal he becomes that sneaky own in your league, while the Browns are rotating coverage over the top to Marshal and paying respect to Ivory, Decker will be getting his. Again a WR 2 option this week and while I don’t like flexing WR’s I would flex Decker Sunday if you had better options to run with in your first two slots.


The Dolphins

Ryan Tannehill QB1: Tannehill is owned in 90% if leagues,, I cant understand this, this kids has only gotten better every year he’s been in the league, and this week facing Washington he will put up top 5 QB numbers . Get him in your lineup


Lamar Miller RB2: I gushed over Miller in my preseason outlook, so why the # 2 rating in week one ? the Redskins are very stingy when it comes to giving up turf on the ground and I think Dolphins OC Bill Lazor will concentrate his efforts exploiting the secondary. You drafted Miller so high you have to start him in just trying to temper your expectations.


Jarvis Landry WR 1 : Yes-yes all day and twice this Sunday yes. If you’re in a PPR congrats facing the Skins he may be the top WR in that format this week..


Jordan Cameron TE 1: get him in while he’s healthy, keep him there.


Devante Parker sit: I don’t see the rookie WR having a huge roll early in the season, sit and wait with him for now.

Kenny Stills WR 3: Stills is another sneaky play this week if you’re in a really deep league with three wide-outs and a Flex spot or two to boot, go for it.


That’s it Folks, remember take my advise to heart or with a grain of salt, the final decision when you hit submit lineup is yours, ill be back next week and hopefully we can all get back to the playoffs, but for now we are on to week one



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