The AFC East Fantasy Breakdown

The AFC East Fantasy Breakdown

The AFC East Fantasy Breakdown



Thomas J. Murphy II

Editor and Chief ProfootballCentral

Well Folks here we are again set to start another season of GM Dreams and Head Coaching Nightmares.   This season the AFC East has some familiar faces and a few new additions to get you to the top of the standings in your leagues, and hopefully a diamond in the rough or three that could just win you another trip to the playoffs, and if the Fantasy gods are willing – another championship in your trophy case. But I’m not going to drone on, so Lets Break It Down.


The Bills

NFL: Buffalo Bills at New York Jets

The Bills have a new Head Coach in old friend Rex Ryan and his Snack Pack from NJ. The question is, can they do anything with a group vastly more talented than the one they left at One Jets Place. Sexy Rexy has already upset a bunch of people in Orchard Park releasing Fred Jackson and naming Tyrod Taylor the starting QB. Hell, even I’m pissed off – I just had to add the name Tyrod to my word program, not to mention my vocabulary. Lets break the Bills down:


QB Tyrod Taylor: I would have a hard time finding a spot on my roster for Taylor in a 16-team two QB league. Moving on.


RB LeSean McCoy: Shady is a top tier weapon and the slap in the face Rex gave Fred Jackson last week only drives up his value. With Jackson out of the picture McCoy will have more opportunity to make things happen, and with the aforementioned Tyron under center, those check downs might be frequent. McCoy’s only issue is health. But I’m not going to waste time talking about Handcuffs – there are none in Buffalo worth the roster spot. Shady is a top 10 option.




Sammy Watkins: Over the first eight games of his career Sammy Watkins looked like fantasy gold – with well over 500 yards and five TD’s, the Clemson stand out looked a lock to be a top ten WR. Then the bye week came. After week eight, Sammy managed just two double-digit efforts for our patience and belief in him and finished the year outside the top twenty-five. Even with the QB nightmare that lives in his front yard, Sammy is more than draftable – just keep in mind he is a middle of the pack WR 2 or a high end 3.


Robert Woods: Yeah, no. I’m not kidding – no. In this run-heavy Bills offense – Hell no


Percy Harvin: Now here we have some intrigue – but then again, haven’t we always and always been let down? More draft picks have been used on Percy Harvin than anyone in NFL history not named Hershel Walker.   From Minnesota to Seattle to the Jets and now the Bills – team after team has gambled on this mans amazing skill set. In Buffalo he might have found a place where it can be used to its full potential. I know I ripped Tyrod Taylor just a few lines above this one but his shortcomings and move-ability could literally play into the hands of Mr. Harvin. Don’t be afraid to stash Percy on your bench with hopes that I’m correct (I know its infrequent but hey) and he makes a very good Flex option.


TE Charles Clay: I love Charles Clay – you should love Charles Clay – for some reason the Dolphins didn’t love Charles Clay, at least not as much as they should have. Working with Ryan Tannehill, Clay finished last season with 78 fantasy points, middle of the pack at the TE position – that was with a mere 3 TD’s to his name. I see his targets soaring up in Buffalo especially when the Bills are in the Red Zone. Clay has top ten ability and potential this season.



New York Jets v New England Patriots


Exit Rex enter Todd Bowles.   Bowles hiring is a homecoming of sorts, the defensive minded Bowles was the JETS defensive backs coach way back in the day. When Mike Maccagnan hired Bowles people wondered if he could turn around its anemic offense – their next move was made to address that very thing. Bowles and Maccagnan brought in Chan Gailey to run the offense – well done. Now with a new coaching staff, a stellar D and weapons to exploit, can the Jets claw their way out of the cellar and give us options to use every Sunday? I say hell yes.


QB Ryan Fitzpatrick:   A game manager Fitz is not. He would be much better off if he did have a bit of that mentality, but he is what he is. A Harvard educated QB who thinks he’s Brett Favre. Far too many INT’s to TD to make him a reliable option even in the deepest leagues.


RB Chris Ivory: This is frustrating – I like Chris Ivory’s running style. He sees a hole and hits it and sometimes he doesn’t care if there’s a hole – he tries to make one. The problem is he doesn’t get enough touches. That makes Ivory nothing more than a low-end Flex option in my book. If you’ve drafted right you shouldn’t use him as more than that.


WR ‘s


Brandon Marshal:   Marshal is a very good wide-out who should be a lot better. He finished outside the top 30 last year. You can blame it on Jay Cutler if you want but I’m not. Marshal simply doesn’t score enough TD for the opportunities he has been given. I can see Brandon surpassing a thousand yards but without those TD’s what are we talking here? Low end WR 2 at best.


Eric Decker: I actually like Decker more than Marshal, playing with a host of injuries last season he was 2 TD’s away from being a top twenty receiver. Under Chan Gailey expect to see Decker get a lot more work this season. And be a very decent WR 2 or excellent flex option.


Devin Smith: Put the kid on your watch list. If you have a deep bench, stash him. While at Ohio State all Smith did was average 28 yards per reception and haul in 12 TD in his final year as a Buckeye. I just got a feeling.


The Dolphins


This years incarnation if the Phis could give you the most diverse set of tools to use in Fantasy.


QB Ryan Tannehill: Tannehill became one of the most reliable QBs in fantasy last season, averaging 20 points per contest for those who waited and waited and waited to grab a QB that’s more than a respectable number. Even with twelve turnovers he finished inside the top ten at his position. Now in his second season in Bill Lazor’s offense, Tannehill may be in line to move a few rungs up that ladder. Tannehill is definitely a QB one option – in any format.


RB Lamar Miller: I have a new found respect for Mr. Miller. A top ten RB who I think I had more twenty-touch games than last season. Miller is definitely one of the – I can do more with less players. You have to like that, he had just six games last season where he failed to put up double digit points and in two of those contests he had 9.   With Jay Ajayi looking like a candidate for IR (fractured Rib) there is nothing in the way of keeping Mr. Miller away from another top ten finish.




Devante Parker: This Parker brother may be the most intriguing option in Miami. The Dolphins first round pick in this years draft is huge – 6’3, fast – 4.4/40 and when the Phins are in the red zone, will be too tasty of an option for Tannehill to look away from. If you’re in a 3 WR league this is the third WR you want.


Jarvis Landry: I like Jarvis Landry. I do – stop looking at me that way. But in standard leagues, let someone else pay the price – not enough TD to make him a value pick where he’s going – PPR all day.


Kenny Stills: Why on earth did the Saints trade this man? Honestly I don’t know and that makes me a bit uneasy. But not so much so that I wouldn’t draft a man who catches EVERYTHING thrown his way. If Stills is there at the end of your draft – and he very well could be – scoop him up and thank me later.


TE Jordan Cameron:   Buyer beware – I love this mans talent and he fits into this offense so well its almost scary. Cameron and Tannehill should be so good together if they were your favorite couple you would be shocked if they got divorced. But the concussions are the issue here. Unless it’s the 9th round (and it won’t be) I’m passing.



The Patriots


The Hoodie and OC Josh McMinion have a lot of new toys to play with this year, but will it translate for you on Sunday ?


Tom Brady QB: Look out world; I hope you drafted early and got Tom E Terrific at the discount price. Brady is Free and he’s gong to make the world pay for Rodger Goodell’s transgressions. There is nothing more game day scary than TB12 with a chip on his shoulder.


RB LeGarrette Blount: Last year at this time people were arguing about what Pats RB you should own – Shane Vereen or Steven Ridley. At the moment Blount is the only RB in the Patriots backfield worth owning and he is a flex option at that. Dion Lewis looked sexy catching the ball out of the backfield in the pre-season – but he isn’t Sugar Shane. There is still James White and Brandon Bolden to think about. For some reason Travaris Cadet is on this roster just to keep things confusing. The truth of the matter is no one knows how the carries will break down for this group. I would stay away from any of them if you can.




Julian Edelman: Jules almost cracked the top 20 last year. In fact he shared the #22 spot in the standard rankings with Brandon LaFell. LaFell is out on PUP for the first six weeks of the year leaving Edelman to rack up even more targets. PPR alert (I hate PPR) – they will be short, quick and not enough of them will end in the end zone. But I can still see a top 20 finish for Mr. Edelman. So if you have to own a Patriot wide out, he’s the one.


Aaron Dobson: with the aforementioned Jo Jo LaFell sidelined, its time for Dobson to put up or shut up. Dobson is a sneaky stash if you have the space and if he and Brady are on the same page it could be something beautiful to watch.


Danny Amendola: Amendola was nonexistent most of last season. He and Brady seemed to start clicking during the playoffs. But only the most die-hard Patriot fans in the deepest leagues should even think bout it.




Rob Gronkowski: Do I really need to go into it?


Scott Chandler: now here is something we can get into. With LaFell out (damn I’ve typed his name a lot haven’t I?), Chandler could be even more important to the Patriots plans this season than he ever had hoped to be when he was sprung from that prison in Buffalo. I expect the Pats to use a ton of Two TE formations with he and Gronk lined up all over the field – be it lined up next to one another on opposite sides split out wide or in the slot this duo is going to be Josh McDaniel’s favorite toy to play with. Stash Chandler if you can and play the waiting game.


Kick off for the Patriots is Thursday so I’ll P.S. this much for you. Start Tommy – start Gronk – Star Edelman and just for fun pick up Scott Chandler and put him in. This will be a blood bath #WheresGoodell


I’ll be back Friday and every week from now until we all get to the playoffs. Remember follow/give me grief on Twitter @Tmurph207.