2015 Vikings preseason game notes and roster cuts by Joel Schafer

It did not take long to realize that Teddy Bridgewater is ready for the season to start. Teddy did what he has done all preseason, he completed passes. He took care of the ball, changed plays at the line and threw receivers open. His best 2 passes of the season went to the top two potential targets Charles Johnson and Mike Wallace. The pass to Johnson was  against the Bucs for a touchdown, where there only person that could catch the ball was Johnson. The pass to Wallace was a play Teddy audibled (against Dallas) when he knew he had single coverage with Brandon Carr on the outside against the burner, Mike Wallace.  Bridgewater put the ball on the money, where yet again the only guy that would be able to catch it was his guy. A 37 yard perfect strike to get them into the red zone.


In the middle of the second quarter Zimmer had seen enough of the number one offense and put in the number two and threes in to get more of a look. The same was true for the defense  with one exception. Zimmer brought in the first nickel unit in on a 3rd and 7 to get the stop. Kendricks, Barr, Joseph, and Griffin all ended up on the field for one play. They got the stop and it seemed to please the coach.


Gerald Hodges started at middle linebacker. As I mentioned previously Audi Cole has done nothing to lose a place in the linebacker corps. Cole ended up playing in the 4th quarter which was either a message to him that he is on the bubble or you are going to play special teams or even get cut. Hodges is continuing to impress coaches and seems to be doing what is needed to give him the look in the middle.  Eric Kendricks  seems to have a role in nickel, if not more.  Kendricks is a tackle machine was tied with Hodges with 4 tackles.


Robert Blanton  has missed another assignment on a huge play for Dallas. Terrance Williams was not picked up by Blanton  and when the ball was caught. Robert took the wrong angle, completely wiffing and costing the Vikings a touchdown.  This play with any average safety would have been at most a first down completion.  Blanton continues to show sub-par play opposite of the extremely talented Harrison Smith. Will we see Antone Exum in the final week earn the spot that Blanton currently holds?


We have been looking for signs of life in Cordarrelle Patterson since week one of last year. He was flat-out brutal last year on special teams and more so as a receiver.  C.P. Flash looked for at least one more moment the play maker he can be. He looked to be shot out of a cannon on his 107 yards kick off return. Let’s hope the switch stays on.


There was so much laundry left on the field that you were climbing mount laundry at the end of the night. Between both teams there were 22 penalties accepted (11 for each team). This is preseason football.  Why should the referees announce all the penalties? Go back to Friday night lights days motion the penalty and walk it off and save all the fans some time.  The amount of time spent on announcing preseason penalties is asinine. Most people have checked out.


eric kendricksceepeeflashharrison smithNFL: Chicago Bears at Minnesota VikingsbridgewaterThe vikings made the first wave of cuts down to 75. There were no real surprises as to who was getting cut.  The 2 names of note that were cut were Joe Banyard and Brandon Bostick. Joe spent the last 2 years buried on the depth chart at running back . Every one remembers Brandon Bostick and thanks him for helping the Packers end their year in the NFC Championship game when he mishandled an onside kick attempt. Skol nation thanks you Brandon for you practice field services and adding an extra body for a few weeks.