All of The Tight Ends…

First off.  Let’s get one thing straight.  This is actually about the football position, and not about the objectification of football players.


Because who objectifies athletes??

The Detroit Lions made a slightly surprising move today.  They traded a back up kicker Kyle Brindza to Tampa Bay for tight end Tim Wright.

Exactly.  Because Lions.

To remind you, our valued reader, the Detroit Lions shocked everyone in the 2014 draft by taking TE Eric Ebron first overall.  Passing up talent such as Odell Beckham Jr.  His first year was well….less than encouraging.

He was rather lackluster.  Yes, he was splitting catches with the likes of Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate.  But when he was given his chances, well…he didn’t exactly shine.  He caught 25 passes and was targeted 47 times.  And had 1 TD.

There’s also Brandon Pettigrew , or as I like to call him, Brandon Dropped-A-Few.  Let’s be honest.  He does drop more than his fair share.  However, he was starting to improve as a blocker, which did help the Lion’s run game some.  The main reason why the Ebron pick was so surprising was because the Lions had just signed Pettigrew to a 4 year deal not too long before they drafted Ebron.   So, now you’ve got rookie TE, resigned TE, and  the dancing TE.  AKA Joe Fauria.

The undrafted player out of UCLA,  Joe has come on as a crowd (read: Ladies) favorite with his hot end zone dances, and even twerking.    Honestly though, he’s been great for plays in the red zone, and giving Matthew Stafford another target while everyone is covering, doubling, and sometime tripling his main targets.

So, you can see why most people (including myself) are left scratching their heads when this move was announced today.    Is Ebron’s job in jeopardy?   Potentially, but word on the street is is that he’s having a good camp, which is encouraging.   It sounds  like he’s starting to grasp the game, and making improvements in his second season.   Which is just what you want to hear. Besides, he’s a first round pick.  He’s relatively safe.   Next you look at Pettigrew.  He could be in jeopardy as well, but with a new deal, he’s going to be around for a minute, I would think.  Especially since they resigned him before drafting Ebron.  You would THINK that the team would have gotten rid of him when they had the chance.  But this is the Lions.  They coulda had Randy Moss.  But that’s none of my business.  So, the next logical step would be Joe Fauria.   He becomes an RFA in 2016.  He was injured some last year, thanks to his cute little puppy, and he has been a little banged up in the preseason.   So, logically, it makes the most sense to possibly get rid of him.

As we like to say in the NFL, it’s a business.  It is a business about winning.  And Jim Caldwell and Co. want/need to win now.  And Fauria may hinder that mission. And if you have to make a business decision and upgrade, you do it.   So, while we don’t know officially, it looks like Joe’s days of dancing the Motor City may be numbered.