Drogba set for a return to Chelsea?




Didier Drogba is set to leave Galatasaray to return to Chelsea, it has been reported.

Manager Jose Mourinho has expressed interest in securing a deal to bring the striker back to Chelsea, where he played for eight years from 2004-2012.

The 36-year-old is a free agent this summer after a sensational season with Galatasaray in which he scored 14 goals. He is now preparing to take on Japan this Sunday, playing for his native Ivory Coast in the World Cup.

Drogba has been the talk of many World Cup predictions, having made the first team for Ivory Coast alongside fellow football legend Yaya Toure. 2014 will be the last World Cup for the forward, and he has promised to go out with a bang.

But it is his departure from Galatasaray that has seen Drogba expressing his true sentiments. In a revelation on Instagram, Drogba stated: “Dear Fans, dear brothers, dear sisters, since day one of my arrival thanks to you all, I felt at home here in Turkey.

“Sharing, seeing, feeling the passion, sincerity and warm hospitality of My Turkish people is trully unforgettable.” [sic]

Chelsea fans will surely welcome Drogba back with open arms. During his time at Stamford Bridge, he made 341 appearances and scored 157 goals, departing from the team in 2012 with a winning goal in a Champions League penalty shoot-out victory against Bayern Munich.

He has also not been shy about expressing his own loyalty towards the club. In February, he was quoted as saying Chelsea were “ten times better” than Galatasaray.

Despite his age, it’s unlikely that Drogba will come cheap – he was signed for £24 million from Marseille in 2004. Money is no object for Mourinho though, it seems – the team is also close to securing a £32 million signing of Diego Costa form Atlético Madrid.

Paired against relatively easy opponents Colombia, Greece and Japan in Group C this year, the Ivory Coast captain’s last hurrah at the World Cup could see him maintaining his legendary status not only as an international player but a well-rounded goal scorer.

Meanwhile, Drogba is not the only Galatasaray player who has had his eye on Chelsea. He said in a recent interview: “Jose Mourinho was a very good coach. I kept track of everything [he] did, from his training methods to his tactical analysis – I have it all stored on my computer.

“I want to be a manager like him in the future.”