Top Ten Miami Dolphins Of 2013: Number Ten

The 2013 season for the Miami Dolphins was just average. I stick to the on-field stuff when it comes to football. I am not one to get into narratives in sports not a fan of it and just find it a street that goes both ways. But sticking to the on-field product when it comes to the Dolphins, heading into the season we were expecting to see Ryan Tannehill evolve as a passer, Cam Wake to dominate is position and had excitement when it comes to the addition of Mike Wallace and just happy with any positive result we get from Brent Grimes.

Throughout the offseason I will be conducting a top ten list of the 2013 season.

Number 10 – Nolan Carroll

Entering the 2013 season, Nolan Carroll was on the last year of his rookie contract and was unsure of his role. The Dolphins signed Brent Grimes to a one year deal, drafted Jamar Taylor in the second round and Will Davis in the third round while cutting Richard Marshall and retaining Dmitri Patterson as the projected starting corner opposite of Grimes. That is what Nolan Carroll was up against. But what played out was totally different than what we expected. Brent Grimes was healthy all year, Patterson made an impact but ultimately kept getting set back due to injuries to eventually land on injured reserve while Taylor and Davis battled injuries and had a learning curve to deal with as well.

Insert Nolan Carroll. 2013 Statistics Tackles: 47 (43 Solo, 4 assist) Interceptions: 3 Sacks: 2 Pass Deflections: 12 I am not for one saying Nolan Carroll is a stud, a pro bowler give him a nice contract this is not what this recognition is about. Nolan Carroll is the definition of average NFL cornerback. He is fast, all around ideal athleticism has good size but isn’t a playmaker and no real instincts, that translates average. With all that said, Nolan Carroll was a part of the bright spot of the Dolphins defense. Surrounding only seventeen touchdowns which ranks as third in the NFL for passing touchdowns. Carroll played only 69% of defensive snaps which is due to the shuffling of the lineup because of injuries on top of player special teams. When Patterson was taken out of the lineup, Carroll was the one who filled in as the starter opposite of Brent Grimes. Carroll also surrendered three defensive penalties the entire season. For an average cornerback and constantly being taken out then starting all season long, Carroll stepped up, did his job and helped make the Dolphins secondary to be third in touchdowns given up and was the twelve ranked pass defense in the league in net yards per attempt. This is why I have him the tenth ranked Dolphin this season.