Chicago Bears Announce That They Have Signed Jay Cutler to Seven-Year Contract

Twitter, where news breaks in the matter of moments. The Chicago Bears, through their official Twitter account, announced that they have agreed to a seven-year contract with starting quarterback Jay Cutler.



The terms of the contract are not yet known, but my estimation is that it’s upwards toward $100 million with a vast majority of the guaranteed money being front loaded so that Chicago can get out from under the contract within a few years. Though, that’s a conservative estimate on my part.

There had been some talk that Chicago would let Cutler walk in free agency or attempt to trade him after placing the franchise tag on him. While a trade could still be worked out, that seems highly unlikely at this point.

Cutler is 39-28 in five seasons with Chicago and has led the club to winning records twice during that span. He has only one playoff win in those five seasons and missed five games in 2013 with various injuries. Veteran backup Josh McCown replaced Cutler under center and threw 13 touchdowns compared to one interception in his stead. The idea behind possibly letting Cutler go was that head coach Marc Trestman, known as a “quarterback whisperer,” could settle for the cheaper option.

That obviously did not happen.

The 30-year-old Cutler has failed to surpass the 20-touchdown mark in each of the last three seasons and has put up a quarterback rating in the mid 80’s over the course of the past two years. Looking at it through purely a statistical lens, Cutler has been nothing more than an average starting quarterback since Chicago acquired him from the Denver Broncos following the 2008 season. This coupled with a cheaper alternative in McCown has created somewhat of a stir around the football community since Phil Emery announced the extension.