Colts Report: OC Pep Hamilton feeling pressure within Colts organization

Well it didn’t take long but it looks like Colts offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton is in the hot seat. It was probably the slow offensive starts that has plagued the Colts offense in the past five games but it was probably the inability to adapt to the NFL and the lack of protection for Andrew Luck. The Colts wanted to be a run first team to take unnecessary pressure off of Andrew Luck who was the most hit QB and was one the top sacked quarterbacks last season.

The Colts offense has allowed 91 QB hits which is currently second in the NFL. The only team that has more QB hits is the Cleveland Browns which they lost one QB with a season ending injury and also have two QBs with concussions. As you can see, the Colts are lucky that Andrew Luck can take the amount of hits he’s taken for the past two seasons.

To put in perspective, the Colts brought in Pep Hamilton to hope that Luck could decrease the amount of hits he’s taken. However, that has not been the case at all. Luck is projected to take around the same amount of sacks and hits of which he took last season.

With the draft picks and free agency money spent on upgrading the offensive line, you would think that Luck would be taking less hits.

Also it looks like that the Colts are fed up with the way the offense has been starting games, especially the Rams and Cardinals games. I don’t blame them and they should be fed up. The inability to get the run game going which has been embarrassing for the most part in the last five weeks and the Colts passing game has been ineffective as Luck cannot complete passes at a higher rate (i.e. 60+ completion percentage).

According to Mike Sliver of, there is a belief within the Colts organization that the wide-receivers are having a tough time freeing up from defenders after the Reggie Wayne injury on October. Also, the Colts organization is putting pressure on Hamilton to “step up his game” after slow starts for the past five weeks.

As you can see, the report is probably true as the coaching staff (mostly Hamilton) benched RB Trent Richardson for RB Donald Brown and OG Mike McGlynn for OG Jeff Linkenbach. Hamilton probably knows if the offense can’t start in all cylinders that maybe this would be his last season with the Colts. Remember the Colts can’t start slow in the playoffs if they want a deep playoff run this season.