Colts Reports Card: Week 12 vs Cardinals

Final Score: Colts 11 – Cardinals 40

The Colts embarrassed by another NFC West team the second time in three weeks. After winning a close game against division rival the Tennessee Titans, the Colts needed a win so they could clinch the AFC South division when the Titans and Colts face again in Week 13. However, that didn’t happen as the Colts were humiliated by the Cardinals. As you can see the final score above, the Colts only scored one touchdown (which was practically in garbage time) and the Colts couldn’t really get momentum after the first half ended.


The Colts offense struggled in the first half (no surprise there) and Luck struggled again in the beginning of the game. There was even a time where Luck only completed 4 passes out of 12 attempts. The Colts run game never got going as the Colts only accumulated 9 rushes for 16 yards (without Luck or Herron 6 rush attempts). With that being said, TE Coby Fleener had a good game by catching 4 passes for 55 yards with one touchdown. Also the offensive line was horrible again as Luck was making them look better than what they performed. There were two missed sacks by the Cardinals that I can remember where Luck used his athleticism to create the two miss sacks. The Colts simply cannot be the offense that the 49ers had last year where the power run game can be effective.

Grade: D+


The defense started the game pretty bad by allowing the Cardinals to score a touchdown or a field goal three of their first four drives (field goal in the first quarter was blocked). Also they made Carson Palmer into a Pro Bowler as he finished with 26 for 37 with 314 passing yards and 2 touchdowns. Also the Colts secondary couldn’t stop Micheal Floyd (7 catches for 104 yards) or Larry Fitzgerald (5 catches for 52 yards and two touchdowns) as both of them had a great game.

Grade: D-

Special Teams:

The special teams were quiet but had a good game as they had a field goal block and didn’t allow a special team touchdown.

Grade: B-