Three Reasons Cowboys Fans Should Appreciate Tony Romo

One of the most polarizing quarterbacks in the NFL, Tony Romo is always the recipient of some harsh criticism. For all the negative plays that he is involved with, he has just as many or even more positive plays with the game on the line. When you go to a restaurant and receive good service you will tell a few people. However, when you receive bad service you will tell everyone you can. This is the best analogy I could find to describe Romo’s perception. After a Cowboys’ loss, social media and local radio is a buzz to quickly blame the franchise quarterback. Many even go as far as to say they want a new quarterback.

Here are three reasons Cowboys’ fans should show a little more appreciation to Antonio Ramiro Romo.

The Post Aikman Era

One reason that fans should appreciate what Tony Romo has done for this organization; it would be the long list of starting quarterbacks since 2000. The year 2000 was the last season of Troy Aikman’s Hall of Fame career and started the revolving door of quarterbacks over the next six seasons. The Cowboys would go through nine starters over that span including Vinny Testaverde, Drew Bledsoe, Randall Cunningham and Quincy Carter.

During the time from 2000-2006, when Romo took over as quarterback, Dallas has had a record of 43-59 which is a winning percentage of .421. The Cowboys winning percentage since Romo took over is .571 with a record of 60-45 since the start of the 2007 season.

Offensive Line Struggles

It is no secret that this offensive line has had its struggles over the years especially since Romo became the guy. More recently Dallas has made efforts to ensure they can protect their $100 million quarterback by bringing inTravis Frederick, Doug Free and Tyron Smith through the NFL Draft. Jerry Jones even brought Brian Waters out of retirement to provide protection, which until his season-ending injury was a solid move on his part. The other guard Ronald Leary was a positive signing but he has regressed in play, which proves to many why he wasn’t selected in the NFL draft.

While the current group has been serviceable in protection, they haven’t provided Romo with amount of time he needs to go through his progressions. Up to this point in the season Romo has been sacked a total of 19 times already and only once has he gone a game without a sack (Detroit). He is currently on pace to be sacked 32 times, which would be more than his season average of 28. Without the mobility he possesses, it is easy to imagine that his numbers wouldn’t be as good as they are. Any other quarterback may have had a shorter shelf life with that offensive line.

Tony Romo’s Toughness

The most underrated aspect of his game should be his toughness. Tony has had his fair share of injuries over his career and he has played through some injuries that most might sit it out. In 2008 during a 30-24 loss to the Arizona Cardinals, he broke his finger when his hand collided with an offensive lineman’s helmet. This would cause him to miss four games. His toughness came into question during this stretch.

On a Monday night against the New York Giants, Tony Romo was thrown to the ground by Michael Boley and fractured his clavicle. Romo did try to come back in the game before the medical staff kept him out and it would cost him his season. You could see by his body language and interviews that it was killing him inside not to be on the field.

Where it seemed to become evident that he wanted to fight through injuries was during the second game of the 2011 season. Romo suffered an injury to his ribs which would also involve a punctured lung. Romo would go through most of the season dealing with the rib and lung issue but never missed a game. Once again this season he has been dealing with bruised ribs but he has played in every game.

It is hard to imagine where this franchise would be at the quarterback position had Quincy Carter not made terrible off-field decisions. These decisions would open the door for Romo. One thing is for sure that Romo has saved this organization from where they were for five seasons, in quarterback purgatory.