41 Headlines and Notes Entering Week 7

Entering 1 pm comes when you get home from brunch and sit out your couch staring at your stattracker. Here are some things you need to question before 1 pm and some players you need observe throughout the entire day of football.

1 PM Games:


Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Atlanta Falcons

1) Was last week a mirage or have Vincent Jackson and Mike Glennon developed some chemistry and could this bode well for us?

2) Call me crazy but it would not shock me starting this week and for the rest of the season Tony Gonzalez goes back to Kansas City Gonzalez and finishes with a 1000 yard season and 8+ touchdowns due to injury depleted Falcons.

3) When will Doug Martin prove his worth as a top pick in this years fantasy drafts? So far he is a bust and has proved me right.

4) Tight End/Wide Out  Tim Wright is creeping up on the fantasy radar, be a good GM and add him before everyone else does.


St. Louis Rams @ Carolina Panthers

5) Tavon Austin has been dropped in numerous leagues, will he continue to be a on the waiver wire?

6) Looks like Zac Stacy is the guy to own at running back for the Rams, hopefully he keeps it hope.

7) Jared Cook got paid and now has laid an egg since week one. He will most likely continue to lay eggs in Carolina.

8) Two words: Cam Newton

9) Mike Tolbert might be the running back to own in Carolina, goal-line carries and receptions seems the recipe for points against the Rams.

Cincinnati Bengals @ Detroit Lions 

10) Giovani Bernard had a nice game last week with seven catches 100 total yards and a touchdown. Is it possible he could duplicate it against Detroit and their passing attack?

11) Wrote a piece on Kris Durham earlier this week,  read here.

12) A healthy Calvin Johnson, and a good Bengals defense. This could be a seven catch game for Reggie Bush and 150 total yards.

13) Only a red zone threat but do not expect three touchdowns from Joseph Fauria 

San Diego Chargers @ Jacksonville Jaguars

14) I have no idea what to expect from Cecil Shorts. reports throughout week was he couldn’t lift his arm but now looks like he’ll play. He could go off or simply be a decoy.

15) Justin Blackmon is a legit WR2 look for him to put up solid numbers this week with Chad Henne.

16) Keenan Allen has been hot the past three weeks putting up twenty catches for 302 yards . Look for him to keep it going.

17) Ryan Mathews played well verse the Colts so did Danny Woodhead. I expect Woodhead to get the love.

Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins 

18) When is Lamar Miller going to be that breakout guy everyone oozed over.

19) In week five  Mike Wallace was a target machine with sixteen targets. Will Tannehill keep it going.

20) Fantasy owners headache: Who will get the love this week?  CJ Spiller or Fred Jackson

New England Patriots @ New York Jets 

21) Look for Julian Edelman to get points by volume with Danny Amendola out

22) Rob Gronkowski is back, will he be a decoy or will he be the Gronkowski we love?

23) Is Rob Gronkowski going to make the New England 0ffense better or will the Patriot receivers drop the ball.

Dallas Cowboys @ Philadelphia Eagles 

24) No Demarco Murray, is this when Tony Romo puts on an air raid attack at Philly and becomes mud in the fourth quarter?

25) With Michael Vick out again, can Nick Foles keep proving himself as a starter?

Chicago Bears @ Washington Redskins

26) Each week Robert Griffin III has gotten better, and so has Alfred Morris coincidentally.

27) Jordan Reed is starting to become a must add, don’t let this week make it too late. Played 56 snaps last week and is more athletic than Fred Davis.



Now that we are done with the 1 pm games and you realize there is no chance of pulling out a victory. But are just hoping the rest of your team puts up some fight. Here is what to look for in the 4 pm games.


San Francisco 49ers @ Tennessee Titans

28) Jake Locker is back hopefully this means Nate Washington will be a fantasy worthy starter.

29) Don’t expect much from Chris Johnson

30) The Colin KaepernickVernon Davis chemistry is real, six touchdowns and two multi-touchdown games. Look for these two to keep it up.


Cleveland Browns @ Green Bay Packers

31) No Randall Cobb, a questionable James Jones. It looks like Jordy Nelson and Jermichael Finley are going to flourish and could see Eddie Lacy getting a bump in production. Will James Boykin we worth the flier?

32) This has the makings for Chris Ogbonnaya getting more snaps and more points than Willis McGahee in the backfield.

33) Doesn’t look like Brandon Weeden is affecting Josh Gordon production but could mess with Jordan Cameron.


Houston Texans @ Kansas City Chiefs

34) Case Keenum is starting, expect the Kansas City defense to go wild again.

Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers

35) An AFC North battle, Ben Roethlisberger could get eaten alive by the Ravens defense.

36) Possibly goaline carries but not a good matchup for Le’Veon Bell this week

37) Antonio Brown is quietly becoming a PPR monster with 41 catches, I don’t expect him to slow down this week.

Time for the evening matchup, while everyone is watching watching The Walking Dead or Homeland. You’ll be watching the Peyton Manning show. Your team will be in the lead then comes Peyton Manning and he rips your heart out.

Denver Broncos @ Indianapolis Colts 

38) Another week where EVERY skill position player on Denver goes insane and has double digit points.

39) Andrew Luck should have a good game, but Von Miller is back.

Minnesota Vikings @ New York Giants 

40) This matchup looks like where we see good Eli Manning and not bad Eli Manning. We’ve seen bad Eli way too many times

41) Josh Freeman debuts as starting Quarterback but this means nothing, not worth rostering.