Colts Report Card: Week 6, vs Chargers


Colts started the game with a trickery, which is something that you rarely see in the NFL. Luck and company started with a 35-yard flee flicker and it seemed that the Colts were going to run over the Chargers. However that was not the case at all. The Colts couldn’t score an offensive touchdown.

The reason was a combination of drops and poor coaching as well as play-calling (mostly drops though). The defense couldn’t stop the Chargers fast tempo offense which they allowed 50 percent third-down conversion. Also,  the special teams was good but the punting unit (mostly Pat McAfee) was below par.

Report Card:

Offense – The offense played well at the start of the game however as the game progressed the drop bug kicked in. Hilton, Wayne, Fleener, Richardson, and Heyward-Bey all had at least one drop.

One drop in particular had an effect in the game which seemed to be a potential Fleener TD which of course Fleener dropped which made the Colts kick a field goal rather than scoring a well-needed touchdown. Overall it was a decent performance and not even Luck could have done a fourth quarter comeback.

Grade: D+

Defense – The defense as a whole was pretty bad by allowing wide-open throws all day. It didn’t help that the Chargers (who have been inconsistent in the run game) ran for 147 rushing yards throughout the game while giving the Chargers offense practically double the time of possession of the Colts offense.

The only good thing is that the Colts defense stopped the Chargers from only scoring one offensive touchdown. However it doesn’t help that the Colts couldn’t get enough pressure, couldn’t stop the run, and couldn’t create any turnovers. Overall it was a bad showing from a Colts defense that did fairly well this past few weeks.

Grade: D+

Special Teams – Kicker Adam Vinatieri did an awesome job by keeping the Colts competitive throughout the game by kicking three field goals which two of them were from long distance (50+ yards). However, punter Pat McAfee didn’t do a great job as a whole (mostly the last punt which the Colts needed him to punt deep).

Overall though the good was better than the bad which is why I’m giving the special teams a better grade than the defense and offense.

Grade: C-

Landry practiced on Wednesday:
According to Mike Chappell from, safety LaRon Landry practiced for the first time since receiving his high ankle sprain. Good news for the safety that had a good season before his ankle injury. The Colts need his tackling skills in Sunday’s game especially because Wes Welker will be a huge component in the Broncos offense.