Waiver Wire: Kris Durham, The Guy No One Talks About

Every week, every fantasy fan looks to add their waiver wire guy. The thing is that player explodes the week and it’s too late to add him because of your waiver priority. The key when it comes to snagging a gem through all the rocks. Otherwise you are just grabbing a name with nice numbers that week.

A great fantasy GM monitors their guys and then pulls the trigger at the right time. This week the guys to add are Brandon Jacobs, Brandon Lafell and Keenan Allen to name a few. But the guy I am telling you to grab now is Kris Durham. Go ahead grab him now before everyone tells you to grab him in next week’s waiver wire adds.

Here is why I am telling you to add Kris Durham now while you can.

For starters, literally Ryan Broyles has been a joke as the Nate Burleson fill in. Never understood the hype this player received last year and this year. I guess it’s about the plug and play aspect fantasy football in an offense such as Detroit. But he disappointed last year and keeps the tradition alive this year. When Broyles debuted this year he was a dud, having eight total targets in five games. Yea that guy is good. Durham in limited action, has seen twenty eight total targets, and have been increasing. In week four he saw four, week five eight and in week six he saw thirteen. Now I don’t expect him to see thirteen targets a game. But with Calvin Johnson the only legit pass option on the outside. Kris Durham is the guy to be the beneficiary of it. This past week he reeled in eight catches for eighty three yards and the previous week three catches for thirty yards and a touchdown. Combine those yards and the increasing amount of targets and you have yourself a waiver wire gem.

I can dive into the cliché aspect and just say Durham is a big guy, played with Matt Stafford with at the University of Georgia. Which would mean they have their chemistry down being they were teammates. But I will give you the facts, Durham is 6’6, 215 ibs with 4.4 forty speed. Durham is a big target, vertical target. Now combine that with Calvin Johnson getting double teamed on the outside. Reggie Bush prepared to make any five yard run turned into a twenty five yard with the threat of him in the backfield. These weapons set up Durham to feast in the eleventh ranked passing attack in the NFL.

I hope I knocked some sense into you as a fantasy GM. Being a great GM is finding the gems and sensing the change before it hits the league and you’re left getting the scraps in your leagues free agent pool.