Best of the Best: UCLA QB Brett Hundley

The quarterback class for this year is one that has some talent, yet only a few are considered first round talent at this point. There may not be a Andrew Luck in this class, but there is more talent than last year. Does UCLA’s quarterback Brett Hundley land in the top of the class, being one of the best?

By PFC Draft Writer David Willemssen @DavidWillemssen

Courtesy www.espn.go

Courtesy www.espn.go

Hundley is only a redshirt sophomore this year, but he has quickly risen to the top of some experts boards at the QB position. There is no doubting his size as he stands 6’3 227 lbs. He has a prototype body and he is a real competitor. He is willing to use his body to pick up extra yards when needed, yet he also has the mind to slide and not take the big hit. Last year Hundley’s stat line was 3,745 yards with a 66.6 completion percentage. He also had a TD to INT ration of 29 to 11. This year he is completing 65,5 percent of his passes, has 1059 yds, and a TD to INT ratio of 9 to 4. He also has a receiving touchdown this year along with 242 rushing yards and 3 rushing touchdowns.



Ball Placement: Hundley seems to always hit his slants, crossing routes, swings, and other underneath routes in stride. His receivers pick up a lot of yards after the catch due to ball placement. When he hits these routes it is usually a quick drop where he does not face much pressure, has to make the quick read, and deliver a good ball.

Arm Strength: Hundley can really zip the ball across the field. He does not display his arm strength just by throwing deep. He puts the ball in small, closing windows barely getting by linebackers. He needs the strength to make it inside of those windows.

Escape Ability: Hundley has the ability to shy away from pressure with his agility, speed, or ability to break arm tackles and is a hard QB to take down. After breaking tackles, he really forces the ball to receivers, sometimes costing him. Against Nebraska he showed real poise in the pocket, maneuvering inside of it. Against Utah, his worst looking game, he was rushed and pressured often. He rushed a lot of throws not resetting his feet causing inaccurate throws.

Leadership: This was on display in the Nebraska game. He is a young player but really commands the offense already. In the Nebraska game he keeps composure down 21 to 3 and comes back to win the game.

Post Snap Reads: He does a good job at going to his second and even third reads in his progression. These are plays he usually makes work well with ball placement.

Running ability: As displayed by his rushing stats on the year Hundley can move the ball with his feet as well. He has two 45 yard touchdown runs this year as well as a QB sneak TD. He picks up a lot of 3rd and shorts with sneaks. He is a powerful guy to bring down in short yardage. He is not afraid to go airborne when pushing for the goal line. He is not a blazing speed QB like RGIII by any means, nor does he has the athletic ability of Russell Wilson. He is a big QB that can make people miss and plow them over.



Deep Ball: There are multiple times the receiver gets a step behind the defensive backs and Hundley just does not put it in reach of them. He lacks the touch usually overthrowing his target just barely out of reach, which  is partially due to rushing the throw. He does become slightly rushed and just slings it. If he could get more air under the ball this is easily fixed.

Pre-snap Pressure Reads: Exposed against Utah. He was blitzed at time and time again and rarely made pre-snap changes to take advantage. This will come with playing time. He is only a year and a half playing for UCLA.

Drop Back: It is not known if this is really a weakness, but Hundley takes some huge steps when dropping back. He gets really deep on his 5 step drops which causes a hard angle for this tackles to block for him. Much like what JaMarcus Russell had going on as a Raider. He drops back quickly and really can load the ball up for a deep ball.

Resetting of Footwork: He rushes the pass after he has to turn his body. Throws off the back foot losing arm strength and accuracy. It really gets to the little things that can make a break a play.


Is he Best of the Best?  The talent is there. He plays like one of the best QB’s in the nation. He still needs to have the game “slow down” for him though. After seeing EJ Manuel go in the first round it is not unheard of to think Hundley makes a good push for it as well. At this point he should be in the top 5 QB’s taken this year. Making him one of the best in the nation.