Richard Seymour is Ready to Sign

     Two NFL teams have reached out to former All-Pro defensive lineman Richard Seymour.  It appears he is looking for the right situation with the right compensation.

  The San Fransisco 49ers were the first to contact Seymour.  After they lost Aldon Smith the 49ers looked to bring in Seymour.  However the two sides weren’t close on compensation.  No dollar amount was mentioned.

   The other team Seymour is waiting on is the Detroit Lions.  After the Lions lost defensive end Jason Jones for the season the front office got on the phone.  Seymour appears to be interested in Detroit because of all the talent they have and they appear to be on the upswing as a contender.

   That’s one kicker, if he is to come back,  that the team he signs with, will have to be a contender.  He is willing to continue to sit out if no team is willing to pay him what he deems proper compensation.  He may be looking for a team that becomes desperate and will pay him all before week 10.