Colts Week 5: Game Review


Game Review:

Probably the best Colts game so far this season and it was a close one. This matchup showcased two second-year quarterbacks that had a successful season last year and were going through success this season as well. The Colts were coming off a two-game winning streak while the Seahawks were trying to become 5-0 for the first time in Seahawks history.

This game wasn’t pretty at the start as how the Colts wanted as Colts QB Andrew Luck only completed one pass out of four attempts in their first two drives. Both drives resulted in punts (one punt was blocked which later resulted as a safety).

The defense couldn’t stop the Seahawks offense that put up 423 total yards (a staggering 218 rushing yards). However, they did have success stopping the Seahawks in third down where they only let the Seahawks convert two third downs out of 12 third downs.

The game changed as Andrew Luck threw a deep pass to T.Y. Hilton for a 74 yard touchdown which put the Colts only behind 5 points (rather than 12 points). The Colts lack of momentum shifted after a blocked field goal where backup safety Delano Howell picked up the blocked football to return it for 61 yards for a touchdown.

The Seahawks struggled in third down therefore they kicked field goals regularly which allowed the Colts to keep it close for the rest of the game. In the end, a game-ending interception by Darius Butler sealed the deal as the Colts improved to a 4-1 record while the Seahawks recorded their first loss with a 4-1 record as well.

I will be doing a report card game review which I will grade the Colts offense, defense, and special teams.

NOTES from

The Colts are the top in the AFC South as the Titans (3-2) and Texans (2-3) lost in their Sunday matchup. The Seahawks let Andrew Luck throw for two touchdowns on Sunday which matches their total of allowed touchdowns all season (before Week 5). Robert Mathis recorded his 100 and 101 sack in his career which his is the 30th player in NFL history to reach the 100th career sack mark.