Colts Injury Alert: Ahmad Bradshaw possibility of getting season-ending neck surgery.

Ahmad Bradshaw of the Indianapolis Colts

At the start of the regular season, many Indianapolis fans were happy thatAhmad Bradshaw’s foot injury was healed as the Colts back racked up 41 carries for 186 yards (4.5 yards per carry) in the first three games in the season.

However that all changed as Bradshaw was inactive in the Colts vs. Jaguars game. Things got more murky as the Colts couldn’t give a definite answer on Bradshaw’s neck injury.

Many NFL analysts thought that Ahmad Bradshaw’s neck injury was serious. Some thought that the Colts gave Bradshaw a week off as a precautionary measure and it wasn’t like the Jaguars were a serious threat at the run game.

However during the week following the Week 5 matchup against the Seahawks, the Colts still couldn’t give a definite answer on Bradshaw’s neck injury.

Now Colts fans can get worried as Ian Rapoport from stated on his Twitter that the Indianapolis Colt organization are hopeful that Bradshaw neck injury can heal by itself however it is more likely that he might need surgery.

For now Bradshaw is going to Arizona to get a second opinion on his neck injury and even then Bradshaw still is not sure if he wants to go through the procedure anyway via Mike Wells from

As a Colts fan myself, it’s a shame that a running back at his caliber (pass blocker and pass catcher) has gone from a foot injury that needed surgery to a potential neck injury that needs surgery. His stats were pretty good during his limited time (sharing the ball with Trent Richardson).

Hopefully Bradshaw’s injury doesn’t need surgery and he can go back on the field during the season. However as all the writing on the wall suggests, the 49ers game was probably the last time we are going to see Bradshaw in a Colts uniform.

For now, Trent Richardson and Donald Brown (and possibly Kerwynn Williams if he is added to the 53-man roster from practice squad) have to carry the load and try to match at least the yards-per-carry that Bradshaw did.

Hopefully Trent Richardson can learn the playbook fast enough for the Colts not to make him run on obvious run formations rather than making him run on passing formations.

NOTE: Bradshaw’s agent and Colts GM Ryan Grigson have not return any calls back to Mike Chappell to clarify on Bradshaw’s injury.

Quotes by Colts head coach Chuck Pagano regarding Ahmad Bradshaw’s injury:

“I’m planning on him being around,’’ Pagano said. “Certainly he won’t be at practice. We’ve made some adjustments for that.

Pagano said, “Once we get some feedback, once we get some answers, then we’ll know more.’’