Watch For a Shootout In Denver As The Broncos Face Off Against The Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles play the Denver Broncos in Denver on Sunday. Expect this game to be one of offensive dominance. The Broncos and Eagles are first and second in the league in total offense respectably. Matched with these high-octane offenses are the third and twelfth worst defenses in the league in terms of total yards allowed.

Everyone knows about the level of play Peyton Manning has shown this year, and it is nothing new for he has been nearly unstoppable his whole career. The Eagles defense has looked atrocious during the last two games they played and it is mostly because of their secondary. The Eagles seem to have filler players at all four positions in the secondary, and it isn’t going as well for them as Chip Kelly hoped. It is unlikely that their poor play will stop this week against a quarterback who has 12 touchdowns and 0 interceptions through the first three games.

Although their defense is lacking, the Eagles have a hope in this shootout because of their fast paced, high scoring offense. Desean Jackson could be a killer against the Broncos as he will likely be matched up against the aging Champ Bailey for much of the game. It only takes one mistake against a player as fast as Jackson for a corner to let up a long touchdown. The Eagles main strength is in Lesean McCoy. McCoy is leading the league in rushing by just short of 100 yards, and it is no fluke. Lesean McCoy is likely the hardest player in the NFL for a defender to get their hands on. With his shifty jukes and rapid acceleration he could be set for another big game against the Broncos. The Broncos’ main strength on defense is their speedy linebackers, but the Eagles should have a better matchup against them than most teams. The Eagles offensive line is as fast as any offensive line in the NFL and the tackles should be able to get up field to make blocks for McCoy.

The game on sunday should be one of the more exciting matchups of the season, with the two most fun to watch offenses going at each other. Expect high scores, long field goals, and plenty of nerve-wracking drama.