NFL Draft: Week 3 Prospect Matchup Reviews

This past week we saw what turned into one of the biggest games of last year, take place once again. Texas A&M vs Alabama. A&M has some heavy duty prospects on offense, but lacks the star power on defense. Alabama has prospects all over the entire field.

By PFC Draft Writer David Willemssen @DavidWillemssen

This week’s matchup card focuses on the highly talented wide receiver Mike Evans against Alabama’s secondary, as well as, both tackles for A&M against the Alabama’s front seven.

Preliminary matchup #1

Texas A&M Right Tackle Cedric Ogbuehi vs
Alabama’s Front Seven



In the away corner standing 6’5 300 lbs #70 is Cedric Ogbuehi

A&M really lets their tackles showcase their mobility. Ogbuehi pulls to lead the charge multiple times all the way to the left side of the formation. He does well with hitting moving targets and creating huge space for whom ever the ball carrier is.

Another area Ogbuehil excels at is picking up stunts. Last year he started at guard and received the fast rusher on stunts. This year he keeps the powerful rushers at bay with ease. Speed rushers can still win the edge from time to time.

Ogbuehi keeps number one pass rusher for Alabama, Adrian Hubbard, at bay throughout the game. He does very well sealing the edge on run plays and mirrors well in the pass.

There were some bad plays on his part. He was pancaked at one point and attempted tripping. He was slow out his stance a couple times and gives up light pressure. Also once his block is “finished” he does not go head hunting for another block.

Winner Cedric Ogbuehi. If it wasn’t for Luke Joeckl he would have been right tackle last year. If it wasn’t for Jake Matthews he would be left tackle this year. Ogbuehi is the real deal. A solid player that has above average mobility. In the pros he should be a starter on the offensive line.

Preliminary matchup #2
Texas A&M Left Tackle Jake Matthews vs Alabama’s front seven.

In the away corner standing 6’5 305 lbs Left Tackle #75 is Jake Matthews.



In the home corner Alabama’s front seven.

Like his teammate Matthews pulls all across the formation. He does well getting his hands on defenders, but he does not have the same punch/power. On read options he is put into space and Alabama did well having multiple people coming at Matthews to block.

He also does a good job stone walling Adrian Hubbard. Hubbard’s game is power and he did not have enough against these two tackles. On the other hand linebacker #30 Denzel Devall has some serious strength on his 250 lb frame. Against Matthews he can really drive him back. Matthews does well re-anchoring and sustaining the bull rushes. In the run game Matthews does not push Devall off the ball enough.

Winner Jake Matthews. Matthews wins this matchup due to consistency. He does not ever huge blocks, but he never messes up to badly. He misses a handful of blocks, but makes the most with most plays.

Texas A&M Wide Receiver Mike Evans vs Alabama’s Secondary.

In the away corner standing 6’3 225 lbs #13 Mike Evans.



In the home corner Alabama’s secondary.

Mike Evans has a frame of a big time receiver. He is a former basketball star who uses his body extremely well.

Evans would dominate the sideline early on. Manziel puts the ball in a spot only Evans can leap up and get it. Evan’s body control is excellent. He also finds the ball in the air well.

As he dominates the sideline Evans dominates the first half. Alabama would make changes that slowed down the big target some, but he would still produce.

Evans biggest concern is his speed. He does well against the press, runs clean routes, comes back to his quarterback when needed, and catches with all hands. Yet the speed of the long strider is concerning. Until, when A&M is backed up on their own 5 and need a big play, Evans delivers making the catch, breaking tackles, and out running Bama’s secondary.

Winner Mike Evans. This is the most dominating performance in a matchup yet. Evans would post 279 receiving yards and one touchdown. Evans was showing how good he was last year. This year he’s battling Sammy Watkins and Marquise Lee as best receiver in the country. It is going to be a good year to draft a receiver.