Chip Kelly Shows the World What He Can Do in the NFL

Chip Kelly silenced his skeptics on monday night when the Philadelphia Eagles ravaged the  Redskins in the first half. After a disappointing pre-season, many people thought that the Chip Kelly Offense would not translate well to the NFL but that is not how it looked on monday.

On the very first drive the offense ran like clockwork. The redskins showed no signs of stopping the Eagles offense until finally the Eagles made a mistake and DeAngelo Hall recovered what was a questionable fumble for a touchdown. The Eagles were just as effective on the rest of their drives, running the most plays in the first half in 15 years.

The defense in the first half was also much more effective than we have seen out of the Eagles in a couple of years. They seemed to be an impenetrable wall on the first three drives of the Redskins with an interception, fumble recovery, and a safety. The Eagles tackling was much improved since last year and it helped to shut down the run game and minimize the yards after the catch. While Bradley Fletcher was still picked on and needs to improve, Cary Williams played outstandingly, which was relieving.

The second half brought issues, but that is how Coaches and players learn what they need to improve on. The offense continued to be effective but didn’t see the field enough. The defense struggled in the passing game during the second half. RG3 was able to tear through the Eagles secondary. Going forward, if the Eagles can can improve their pass coverage they could easily be one of the top 5 teams in the NFL.