New England Patriots Release Tim Tebow: End of the Line?

ESPN’s Adam Schefter has reported that the New England Patriots have released former first-round pick Tim Tebow after deciding to go with just two quarterbacks, Tom Brady and Ryan Mallett.


The Patriots were Tebow’s third team in four NFL seasons, but he was battling against players at other positions for a spot on New England’s 53-man roster. His performance during the preseason didn’t do much to sway things in his favor. Tebow completed just 11-of-30 passes (.367%) for 145 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions. He added 91 yards on 16 rush attempts. The ridiculously low completion percentage coupled with what seemed to be continued issues with mechanics may have forced the Patriots hands when a decision had to be made.

That decision was made Saturday morning.

At this point, it’s hard to imagine Tebow having any future in the NFL as a quarterback.

The controversial figure had an entire summer to work with quarterback guru Josh McDaniels and future Hall of Famer Tom Brady. His lack of improvement on the field, especially against back-up defenses during the preseason, didn’t inspire much confidence in the young man being able to improve moving forward.

Outside of those mechanical issues, Tebow still tends to struggle with reading defenses, going through his progressions, looking down receivers and holding the ball in the pocket for far too long. That’s unacceptable for a quarterback entering his fourth season in the league.

New England, who is carrying just two quarterbacks, could come calling should something change during the season. It has to understand that interest in Tebow among the 31 other teams around the league isn’t going to be there. Therefore, this decision had to be made, no matter the Patriots feelings about Tebow as a man.

Moving forward, Tebow may have to make a decision between a position change and hanging up his cleats. It appears, at least for now, that quarterback is just not in his future in the NFL.


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