Philadelphia Eagles Make First Round of Cuts


The Philadelphia Eagles made their first round of cuts on Sunday. They cut twelve players from the team and brought the total roster number down to 76. These players were the earliest cuts but there will be at least 23 more players cut from the team within the next five days, and at least one more by Tuesday’s 4:00 p.m. ET deadline.

Most of the players who were cut, as is often the case in the first round of cuts, were not very notable. Players like James Winchester, the long snapper brought in to relieve Jon Dorenbos when he was injured or Will Shaw, a talented player who was overcast by the three or four players ahead of him at tight end were predictable cuts. Other cuts that were expected include defensive tackle Daryell Walker, wide receiver Nick Miller, offensive tackle Nic Purcell, rookie defensive tackle turned offensive lineman Isaac Remington, defensive end Eddie McClam, and Another of the Eagles many tight ends, Derek Carrier.

One of the more notable players that was let go by the Eagles on Sunday was Jamar Chaney. Chaney has played as a linebacker for the eagles since his rookie campaign three years ago. In that time he has filled in as the starter for injured players multiple times and started for a whole season while consistently doing an ok job. However, he never really managed to stand out. In his three years he started 23 games and racked up 109 tackles. After three years on the cusp of being a quality player it seems the Eagles have determined that his ceiling isn’t high enough to justify a roster spot.

Kenny Phillips, once a first round pick and solid contributor for the New York Giants was cut as well. Phillips, when healthy is an outstanding force in the secondary but he has had problems with his knees since the beginning of the 2009 season. Phillips hasn’t been able to play since an unfortunate accident with a camera man during a game against the Eagles last year. Unfortunately, the freak accident has kept him from coming back to his old self and he couldn’t make the team for the Eagles.

Brad Wing, a punter who left LSU after his sophomore season, lost the position battle against Donnie Jones on Sunday. Wing, who obviously has very little experience as someone who would be heading into their junior season, was up against one of the most experienced punters in the league. During the preseason games so far Brad Wing looked like he could grow into the Eagles punter of the future. Chip Kelly however, must not have seen more upside in keeping the prospect than in keeping the veteran around. Jones is now 33-years old and may not stay in the league for too much longer but while he is still here, he will give the Eagles the consistency at punter that they have been looking for the past couple of years.

The twelfth — and final — cut was Eddie Whitley, who was lost to injury during the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.