Assessment of the Terripans Depth Chart

By John Langley @Langley486

The depth chart for the Terps can change at any given time during camp, and with newcomers on the rise, there are some veterans who could be looking up on the depth chart. Camp is where opportunities are earned, and while it is still early, this is an early stab at the projected depth chart.

The Terps added a nice recruiting class after losing a few crucial seniors last season, such as Kenny Tate, Matt Furstenburg, and Joe Vellano. With the additions of players like Deon LongWill Likely, Zach Dancel (via transfer) among many, the Terps have a deeper and possibly more complete team. Here is how it may shake out.



1. C.J Brown 2. Perry Hills 3. Ricardo Young 4. Caleb Rowe 5. Shane Cockerille

Analysis: This is C.J Brown’s team to lead this upcoming season, after missing last season due to a torn ACL. Brown has all the tools that offensive coordinator Mike Locksley wants to lead his team. Under Perry Hills last season, the team wasn’t able to establish the read-option quite like Locksley had hoped. With Brown, the read-option will be used early and often, while mixing in a nice passing game. With Brown, the sky is the limit for this offense.


1. Brandon Ross 2. Albert Reid 3. Jacquille Veii 4. Joe Riddle 5. Kenneth Goins

Analysis: The running back competition is wide open once again, with the suspension of Wes Brown. Brown was the expected starter until he ran into a bit of legal trouble, which has now been dropped against him. He will return next season, and barring anyone stepping up and taking this job long term, Brown will most likely re-take the starting job. With that being said, this year, the running game will be done by committee, depending on the situation. The biggest issue I see is the fact that Ross and Reid are very similar runningbacks. Expect Veii to step in as the change of pace back.

Wide Receiver:

1. Stefon Diggs 2. Deon Long 3. Nigel King 4. Levern Jacobs 5. Amba Etta 6. Malcolm Culmer

Analysis:  The wide receivers are led by their superstar, Stefon Diggs. Diggs is an absolute play-maker who has a way of getting yards in some of the most seemingly impossible ways. The group lost a key member when Marcus Leak decided to take a semester off to deal with personal issues, but this group is still very talented. Deon Long is a unanimous five star junior college prospect coming back to his home state of Maryland. He has the size and hands to be a monster this upcoming season. Look for Nigel King and Levern Jacobs to make their names known as well.

Tight Ends:

1. P.J Gallo 2. Daniel Adams 3. Andrew Isaacs

Analysis: Matt Furstenburg was the unquestioned leader of the tight ends last season, and with him moving on, there is an open void to be taken. Gallo will be going into his sophomore season, and is still fairly inexperienced, as is the rest of the tight ends. Gallo is most like Furstenburg, so it is expected that he could take the position. Honestly, this is one of the toughest positions to judge on the team.

Offensive Tackle:

1. Mike Madares 2. Stephen Gommer 3. Moise Larose 4. Michael Dunn

Analysis: Tackle is one of the weaker positions on the team, and is one of the tougher positions to judge. Madares is probably the only given in this position group. It is also tough to tell who exactly will be the tackles, which is why there is only four listed. Look for this competition to heat up as camp moves along.

Offensive Guard:

1. Andrew Zeller 2. Silvano Altamirano 3. JuJuan Dulaney 4. De’onte Arnett

Analysis: As is with the tackle position, the guards are tough to judge behind Andrew Zeller. The best bet is for Altamirano to take the position, coming in as a big time junior college prospect. Dulaney was a late riser out of Georgia, and has big time potential, but is still a bit raw. It will be interesting to see how this plays out depth wise.


1. Sal Conoboy 2. Evan Mulroony

Analysis: Honestly, this is a toss-up. I’m not sure who is going to wind up being the center this season, and it may not even be either of these two.  As can be noticed with every position on the offensive line, there is a bit of a mess. The Terps will be finding out up until the first game who they should plug in to give them the best line possible.

Defensive End:

1. Keith Bower 2. Quinton Jefferson 3. Ramon Braglio 4. Chandler Burkett 5. Zeke Risor

Analysis: The first two defensive end positions should be a lock with Jefferson being new, but explosive, and Bowers being a main-stay of the defense. The defensive line didn’t get many sacks last season, and this team will look to rectify this by adding more pressure. Enter Quinton Jefferson, an explosive defensive player with a high ceiling.

Defensive Tackle:

1. Darius Kilgo 2. Kingsley Opara 3. Nate Clarke 4. Andre Munroe

Analysis: With the play of Kilgo last season, there is little question he gets the nod to start this season. He was a bit of a surprise early in the season, but continued to make big plays into the season, leading many to believe this is his position to lose. Look for Kingsley Opara to push for some playing time as well, as he was highly sought after by the Terps.

Outside Linebacker:

1. Alex Twine 2. Marcus Whitfield 3. Yannick Kudjoe-Virgil 4. Yannick Ngakoue 5. Matt Robinson

Analysis: Twine is coming in after a strong campaign last season, but the Terps will be looking to fill the loss of Demetrius Hartsfield.  Marcus Whitfield has been impressive to many, and will be making his push for the starting job. Don’t count out Kudjoe-Virgil either. He has shown explosion and power to get after the passer early on.

Middle Linebackers:

1. Cole Farrand 2. L.A Goree 3. Abner Logan 4. Jermaine Carter

Analysis: Farrand is possibly the most guaranteed in this position group, while Goree and Logan will be battling for the job next to him. Logan is a talented player, who has the speed and strength that many love as a linebacker, while Goree has more experience. That battle will come down to who Brian Stewart is more comfortable with putting in there, but expect both to get significant playing time.


1.Dexter McDougall 2. Jeremiah Johnson 3. Isaac Goins 4. Will Likely 5. Alvin Hill 6. Elvis Dennah

Analysis: McDougall, Johnson, and Goins bring experience back to the Terps defense. They all played significant roles last season while playing solid ball as well. It seems like a bit of a stretch to put Likely in there as the fourth corner, but this player has talent and can make an impact, if not immediately, very soon. This is one of the deeper positions on the team.

Free Safety:

1. A.J Hendy 2. Sean Davis 3. Anthony Nixon

Analysis: This one is tough to call. The Terps love Nixon but Hendy played solid ball last season as well. Expect all to get some playing time in some capacity, but ultimately, Hendy may win out with his play-making ability.

Strong Safety:

1. Zach Dancel 2. Rashid Conteh

Analysis: The Terps were excited to get Dancel via transfer, and they have good reason to. He can make plays and be a solid tackler in the secondary. This one may not be much of a battle, with Dancel possibly locking this up.


1. Brad Craddock

Analysis: Craddock got some flack last year with some crucial misses, but that was last year and he has some good experience under his belt. We may be able to expect some better kicking from him this season.


1. Nathan Renfro

Analysis: Renfro got a workout last season, and he did a solid job. He probably has this locked up.


The Terps have a lot to look forward to this season, with a deeper team that actually possesses a quarterback. They ended last year on a sour note, having to use a linebacker to play quarterback, all but sinking their chances at competing. Expect the Terps to look significantly better, and much more competitive heading into the 2013 college season.