Prospect Preview: Morgan Breslin DE USC

By Draft Lead Philip Arnold @PhilipArnold20 

Morgan Breslin 4-3 DE/ 3-4 OLB USC 

6-2 250 lbs Senior

Breslin Leverage

Morgan Breslin plays with good leverage, being able to extend and keep blockers off his pads. Notice here his ability to fully extend the Tight End from Stanford causing his feet to kick out from under his frame and have a very hard time controlling Breslin.

62 Tackles, 19.5 TFL, 13 Sacks, 1 FF. Honorable Mention All-American and Second Team All-PAC 12 selection in 2012. His 13 sacks ranked him fifth in the nation and fifteenth in the nation for TFL. Standout at Diablo Valley Junior College before transfering to USC.

Game Notes vs. Stanford 3 Tackles, 1 TFL

  • Breslin is used as a 4-3 Defensive end. He plays 20 snaps to the weak side and six to the strong, all as a left end. He plays the whole game as a hand in the dirt defensive end, but stands up for a play.
  • Against the run: Breslin plays with good leverage at the point of attack. Though he doesn’t get the penetration you may look for with his initial pop, he is able to extend and keep his ground (right).  He is able to set the edge and force a play back to the middle towards his help. He is good with his hands, both extending and shedding to make a play. Thought he took good angles the whole game and doesn’t work too far up field being able to cutoff the ball carrier. Though he made a nice play on a reverse, at times you may question Breslin’s awareness and ability to read. He is in a hurry to hit and make a tackle due to his high motor, but can be off balance and out of control at times.
  • Pass Rush: It was clear after watching the Stanford game that Breslin’s favorite rush move is his speed rush. Breslin is successful earlier in the game, but as it wears on, Right Tackle Cameron Fleming, begin to get a hold of Breslin. One
    Breslin shows his quickness and ability to change direction. He begins up field and then works back inside quickly, throwing the OT off balance and too slow to react.

    Breslin shows his quickness and ability to change direction. He begins up field and then works back inside quickly, throwing the OT off balance and too slow to react.

    thing I really liked in Breslin’s pass rush was his ability to change direction. He has the quickness to cut inside of the tackle as he begins to work into his pass set (Right). Breslin also showed if he can’t get around with his speed rush, to stop and work back into the pocket.

  • Coverage: Though Breslin doesn’t have the best stance or knee bend you want to see in coverage, he does a good job of getting to his drops and finding work. Thought he showed nice agility to get out to a curl and react up, though he failed to come to balance and make a play once the play broke down.
  • Play that stood out: 2 down and 2 yards to go with 34 seconds remaining in the first half as Stanford is driving into USC territory. Breslin, as he showed most of the game, will attempt to speed rush Fleming. He gets good burst out of his stance, but Fleming is able to cut it off at the edge of the pocket. Breslin then will use his hands to shed and work back to the inside. He shows off his ability to change direction quickly, and steps right into Quarterback Josh Nunes for the sack.

Game Notes vs. Syracuse 5 Tackles, 2 TFL, 1 Sack, 1 PBU

  • Breslin plays a mix of both strong (19 snaps) and weak (11), but while playing mostly left end. He lines up at Right End for one play and is standing up for two.
  • Against the run: Breslin has a good first step in both the running game and pass rush. He has great quickness to beat reach blocks. For the majority of this game Breslin was just too quick for Right Tackle Lou Alexander. On down blocks Breslin was able to use his quickness to beat him at the point of attack, allowing him to be able to run the line of scrimmage and make relevant tackles. Breslin also does a good job of using his hands to free him up. He has a good rip move that is once again used both against the run and in his pass rush. Breslin plays with a high motor and always seems to be around the football. Breslin does struggle in the leverage battle. Breslin was lined up across from 2013 First Round Draft pick, Justin Pugh, and had a good initial pop, but the first round lineman was able to get better leverage and wash Breslin away. Breslin did struggle with his leverage for a majority of this game, not just against Pugh.
  • Pass Rush: Breslin is great out of his stance once again. He has a good first step and quickness which he used to beat Alexander the majority of this
    Breslin goes to a bull rush, other than his normal speed rush. He is able to send the Right Tackle nearly airborne with a mean jolt and his hands.

    Breslin goes to a bull rush, other than his normal speed rush. He is able to send the Right Tackle nearly airborne with a mean jolt and his hands.

    game. Once Alexander got his hands on Breslin in his rush, Breslin does a good job of jolting back, causing Alexander to become off balance, and then ripping through. When Breslin uses a hand move in both the run and pass this game, his rip was his go to. I was also impressed with Breslin’s balance ability. When he gets chipped or knocked off course, he is able to keep footing and continue to work in his rush. Breslin does struggle a bit with his ability to bend around the edge, too high or too wide. Breslin really relies on his speed rush, and will be pictured below. He showed the ability with a good bull rush (Right), but never came back too it, as he is speed rush happy. Late in the game, Alexander was subbed for Andrew Phillips. Phillips had a much easier time picking up Breslin in his speed rush, as Phillips seemed a bit quicker than Alexander.

  • Play that stood out: 2 down and 10 yards to go. Breslin is lined up in an angled 5 technique. He comes off the ball with quickness into his speed rush. Alexander is able to get his hands into Breslin, but Breslin shows off his ability to jolt and rip through. Then the running back will attempt to get a chip on Breslin, but Breslin shows the ability to get skinnier and slip through the double team. He also shows his ability to keep balance as both the tackle and running back are hitting at him, but he stays upright. Breslin then is able to get his hands up in the air once he is at Quarterback Ryan Nassib, knocking the ball in the air and allowing teammate Dion Bailey to clean up for an interception.

What Breslin does well

Breslin is a high motor, relentless defensive end who shows ability to become a stand up Outside Linebacker. Breslin has a good first step in both his pass rush and against the run. He uses his quickness to beat reach blocks, and also in his pass rush. Breslin his hands nicely in both the pass rush and against the run, keeping linemen off his pads, and free to make a play. Its clear Breslin loves his speed rush. He has good change of direction around the pocket and is well balanced in his rush.

What Breslin needs to improve

Breslin Rely on speed

Notice here how the Right Tackle is so quick into his pass set. Look at the big gap between Breslin and the next defender. Breslin has been too quick all game and could easily beat the Alexander with an inside move, but he wants to go to his speed rush.

Breslin Tall around edge

Notice here how high Breslin is coming around the edge. He is nearly standing straight up, which makes it hard for him to collapse the pocket and close on the QB.

Though Breslin has an effective speed rush at times, he relies way too much on it. There are times where Right Tackles are waiting for it and it opens up the oppurtunity for another move, but Breslin won’t take advantage of it (Right). For a guy that relies on his speed rush as much as Breslin, there are a few inconsistencies. Breslin fails to consistently bend around the edge at a sharp angle, causing him to come from too wide and allowing the Quarterback to step up. Breslin also turns the corner too high at time (Left), both an inconsistency in his pass rush and leverage at the line of scrimmage.

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