Seattle Seahawks: A Seattle Super Bowl?

shermanIn 2012, the Seattle Seahawks had their first winning season since 2007. In 2007 the Seahawks won the NFC West and finished their season with a 10-6 win to loss ratio. Unfortunately for Seattle, their season came to end after being smoked by the Green Bay Packers in the divisional round of the playoffs 42-20.

Most Seattle fans are expecting this upcoming season to be better than 2007 and last year’s season by a long shot. What these fans are hoping for is very possible and here is why.

The biggest part of this Seattle team and their key to success is North Carolina State/Wisconsin standout Russell Wilson. Wilson had a rookie season to remember. Throwing for a grand total of 26 Touchdowns and 10 interceptions during the regular season last year.

Wilson showed the NFL that he deserved the title “Rookie of the Year.” Although he did not get that title, he made a huge impact in the NFL and showed all fans around the country that he has what it takes to play with the big dogs in this league. Most people who are familiar with the NFL and rookie quarterbacks, know that their sophomore season isn’t quite as good.

Fortunately for Wilson, the wide receiver position in Seattle has only gotten better since last year. That means Russell Wilson has no plans of having a “sophomore slump.”

Speaking of that Seahawk receiving position lets touch on why they will have the best receivers in the entire NFL this upcoming season. With the addition of Percy Harvin (Minnesota Vikings) — who only played in nine games last season with a total of 677 receiving yards. He will have Wilson throwing to him, along with players such as Sidney Rice, Golden Tate, Doug Baldwin, and Phillip Bates. They will have more than enough weapons out on the gridiron at once for Wilson to have easy success.

Include 2012 Pro Bowl Running Back Marshawn Lynch in the mix, let look for this Seahawks offense to not only be one of the best teams receiving wise, but rushing wise as well.

 In 2012, Pete Carroll had his first career-winning regular season as the Head Coach for the Seahawks. It was his second division title but, in 2010 when Seattle won the NFC West, they finished 7-9. With an undefeated record at home last season the Seahawks — behind Pete Carroll and the 12th man —  are only looking to keep that streak alive.

If they can continue the winning streak, they could easily coast their way straight to the playoffs. This year they will they not be considered underdogs — every NFL teams knows exactly what this team is capable of. Whether it is a regular season game or a playoff game, the other team will know exactly what Seattle is capable of.

Why do I think the Seahawks have a legitimate shot at winning the Super Bowl this season might you ask? It is not because of Russell Wilson or any of the other offensive players.

The reason this Seattle squad has what it takes is due to their ferocious defense. Any fan could go all day about what the Defense has to offer up in Seattle. Behind players such as Brandon Browner, Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, etc. This defense could easily finish as the best in the 2013-14 season.

Being the best-overall defense in 2012, this legit group of men could be even better this upcoming season. Don’t get me wrong, all of those offensive players that I mentioned will do their part but, in the NFL, defense wins championships. Right now a good defense is an understatement in Seattle.

As long as this team does not do what the Philadelphia Eagles did a few years ago by letting their ego’s get too big, I personally believe they have more than what it takes to find themselves playing in “MetLife Stadium” come February 2, 2014.

See you then, Seattle.