Kneegate Continues


By PFC Redskins Blogger Dujunnea Bland

A day after Redskins GM Bruce Allen acknowledged that it’s “too early to tell” if Robert Griffin III will be ready at the outset of training camp, a leading orthopedic surgeon said he believes it’s possible the quarterback will be held out a little bit longer – just to be safe. Well No #$%!.

You know I’m really tired of hearing from Doctors and Former doctors and Experts on a Knee that none of them have seen. Yes we realize that this was not a first time reconstruction. Here we go with another Doctor that Redskins insider Tarik El- Bashir has talked to and makes this statement and I quote
“If it was just an ACL, it would probably be six months,” said Shaffer, who has not examined Griffin but has extensive experience with professional athletes, having served as the Capitals’ head team physician since 1999 and Nationals’ team doctor from 2006-2008. “But it’s a revision and a meniscus and an LCL repair, so I would think that they are going add some time to that.”

“Does that take him to the seventh or eighth month timeframe? Probably,” he added. “And that’s presuming his knee looks really good.”

Griffin had surgery on Jan. 9, three days after getting hurt in the Redskins’ 24-14 playoff loss to the Seahawks. If Griffin were to receive medical clearance seven months after surgery, Great!!! If that happens and he is able to fully take part in practice, that date would be around August.

Really I could care less about if he is going to be ready for camp and if he will be ready for week 1. The man will be back when he is ready. Griffin has his entire career ahead of him and the Redskins have a tremendous back up in Cousins. All this Speculating is a total waste of time. My suggestion would be to stop fishing for stories. If he comes back for training camp then we have a bunch of talking heads saying “I think the Redskins are rushing him back..”, “RGIII is coming back way to soon” etc. …etc.

Look we all know that RGIII is going to do all the work needed to comeback better than ever. I also know that the Redskins and RGIII are not stupid enough to bring their franchise back sooner than he should. The good thing is he is making very good progress and that progress is known by the people who need to know. The rest of us just simple need to wait and see.