Redskin Fans Ignoring The Hate On RG3

By PFC Redskins Writer Dujunnea Bland

Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III is getting married this summer if you didn’t know. Like most engaged couples, he and his fiancée Rebecca Liddicoat have a wedding registry. It was reported earlier this month that fans had gotten a hold of Griffin’s registry and were purchasing gifts listed online with Bed Bath & Beyond.

Well a week later, you guessed it…as great as Redskins fans are his registry is completely sold out, RGIII says.
On Sunday, Griffin sent out a Tweet Thanking the Fans who helped out with buying the items on the Registry. No big deal Right!?!?!?….

WRONG!!! Less than half an hour later we have people attacking RGIII on Twitter questioning why the star quarterback was having fans buy him gifts. Griffin pointed out that he never publicized the registry nor did he ask anyone to buy him anything. Talking Heads have suggested the Griffin should give the gifts to charity since he is worth a lot of money.

I say go kick rocks!!!! It really isn’t sports worthy at all that any talking Head would even consider this a topic of discussion. Second it’s funny how in the world we live in people choose to find the negative in everything even when there’s nothing negative to talk about. Some people just go threw life pissing and moaning about everything. It was a very nice gesture from the fans to buy him gifts. It shows the Love and respect they have for their quarterback and how they appreciate the Love and respect the Griffin shows to them.

He doesn’t need to give anything back. It doesn’t matter how much money he makes they were gifts. Gifts of appreciation and congratulations on a wonderful day he is about to embark on. If these same talking heads and Critics that get paid more than the average person got gifts from their fans are you telling me you would return them!?!?!? HELL NAW!!!!! It’s disrespectful to return or give away gifts from someones Heart. These folks gave because they wanted to.
Enjoy your gifts RG3 and Congratulations, Redskins fans Love there QB