Tebow Released Should The Skins Bring Him In?

By PFC Redskins Writer Dujunnea Bland

Tim Tebow was released by the Jets today. He hits the waiver wire today. Some say that Tebow could be a hell of a pick up as a H-Back or Tight End. Others Say just for the sake of Read option purposes that he is a better fit then Pat White.

Im going to say right here right now No, and here is why. First I do understand that he is cheap but this offense consists of more than just the read option. Tebow even though he is a proven winner has shown that he is not a very good thrower of the ball. Being accurate in the throwing department is key in this offense . Second H-back or Tight end is a position on this team that we are stout at. Logan, Fred, Niles, Young, and now newly Drafted Jordan Reed are more than capable of handling that.

Honestly none of that seems practical. I understand we are talking about a 3rd string QB and he would be any threat to RGIII or Captain Kirk but Tebow really isn’t something the Redskins would need. Pat White to me is the better fit. He has a tremendous upside and is capable of making every throw. Yes I know he didn’t do well in Miami But Bill Parcells completely damaged a high quality product.

I know the Redskins won’t go down Tebow lane. The Redskins just seemly don’t need that unnecessary drama in D.C.