#38 Overall to #42 Overall

By PFC Draft Writer David Willemssen @DavidWillemssen

#38 Overall The San Diego Chargers trade up with the Arizona Cardinals swapping 2nds and a 4th round pick.

Te’o is an instinctive line backer who has a high motor. He did not time well in the 40, but due to his ability to diagnose, understand, and pursue he will be the fastest rookie on the field in every game he plays. He does a good job hitting his gap and can make splash plays behind the line of scrimmage. He is going to be a 3 down player in the NFL as his coverage ability is good in the zone. Due to his true speed covering backs and tight ends should not be asked of him.

#39 Overall the New York Jets select QB Geno Smith West Virginia

A huge pick that brings in confusion in New York once again. The value of drafting Geno Smith is great here, and with the question marks of Mark Sanchez this is a good pick. Geno can be lights out accurate at times with his short routes and he throws the deep ball well. He can make all the throws and he adds a smart hard working player to the roster. His footwork does get sloppy especially when pressured. A lot of the offense was designed to get the ball in Austin’s hands quickly, so his second and third reads in the play are under whelming. Geno Smith is a developmental player for the Jets and the value is impossible to pass up.

#40 Overall the San Francisco 49ers Select OLB/DE Cornellius “Tank” Carradine Florida State

The 49ers were said to be targeting Tank in the 1st round and land him 40th overall. Carradine s a physical edge rusher who weight 275lbs. He suffered a knee injury making him fall. He grabbed a lot of steam coming into the final weeks of the draft. Tank has a ways to go in technique. He uses his quickness and violent hands to get around the edge. At 276 he could play in sub packages with his hand n the dirt. The 49ers add another weapon to a great defense.

#41 Overall the Buffalo Bills select WR Robert Woods USC

Woods is the most pro ready receiver in this year’s draft. He runs great routes and has good hands. He attacks every ball with purpose and makes great body adjustments. Woods is a hard working player on and off the field. He does lack elite athleticism. As a freshmen he posted 200 plus yards on Stanford’s Richard Sherman. Woods is a talented receiver who will fit nicely across from Stevie Johnson.

#42 Overall the Oakland Raiders select T Menelik Watson Florida State

Watson is highly athletic who started for a premier college. His athletic ability is off the chance and he has strong hands off the line of scrimmage. Watson has only been playing for a year and has a long way to develop, but if he does he could be deadly.