Nick Clancy’s Private Workout with the Chicago Bears

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NFL Draft Series by PFC Blogger Chris Brown (@cbreezy2411)

As part of the rookie’s blogs here at ProFootballCentral we continue to talk with potential NFL hopefuls. Today we had a chance to catch up with Boston College Linebacker Nick Clancy.

CB: Good evening Nick, how are you doing tonight? Last we heard you had a private workout scheduled with the Chicago Bears, how did that go?

NC: Hey Chris, I’m doing well thank you.  As for the workout with the Bears, I feel that it went well.  There was a group of us that were working out, about five or six of us.  We went through drills and ended up working out for about forty five minutes or so.  Honestly, I did well during the workout and feel as if I pretty much crushed it.  I’m back to being at full strength now and everything is coming back to being second nature again.  When I was preparing to leave to the facility the line backer coach pulled me aside and said that we would be in touch in the next few weeks.  I didn’t hear from them for a week or so but I just heard from them yesterday. A scout from the Bears called me and told me that I did really well during the private workout and that I opened some eyes within the organization.  So hopefully with the positive feedback that I’ve received something comes of it.

CB: How would you compare the private workout to your pro day at Boston College?

NC: I say it went much better actually; I wasn’t in the best shape coming off the injury going into my pro day at BostonCollege.  I thought I was moving decent and finishing drills but wasn’t in proper football shape to display my true skills.  Going into the private workout I was pretty confident that I was back to being 100% and felt that I could display my football talents.  Everything was basically like second nature to me during that day.

CB: How great would it be to be drafted or play for the Chicago Bears, being that your from the area?

NC:  It would be a great story, you talk about comfort, it would be amazing.  Being able to have my family only a few miles from the stadium to come and watch me play would be awesome.  Growing up and always watching the Bears as a child was something I enjoyed, and wearing the orange and blue would be picture perfect.  But, honestly I will play for any team that gives me an opportunity.  I will show them what type of player and individual I really am.  My work ethic is very strong and something I’ve built my life around, who ever gives me a chance won’t regret it.

CB: Was there any private conversations or interactions with any of the Bears staff that stood out and stuck with you?

NC: It’s funny you say that and I probably should have said this first tonight.  Sean Desai who was the running back coach at BostonCollege last season was recently hired by the Chicago Bears.  He surprised me before my workout session and we were able to catch up and talk a little bit. I thought it was cool that he was there and have him talk to me during the whole process.  I’m hoping that he can help spread the word about my career at BostonCollege and how I performed within the Bears organization.  I will say it was comforting to have him there during the workout, having a familiar face to look at helps calm the nerves a little bit.

CB: Where will you be during the draft? Do you have anything planned?

NC: I’ll be at home here in Chicago.  I have the whole day planned out on Saturday already.  In the morning a few of my friends and I are going to play a round of golf.  We enjoy being competitive on the course but its all in good fun.  It will be nice to step away for a little bit and enjoy time with some friends, but of course I will have my phone on me in hopes of receiving a phone call throughout the day.

For all those interested, be sure to check and follow Nick on twitter, his handle is @nickclancy54.  Please be sure to check back for more interviews with Nick as well as more NFL hopefuls on ProFootballCentral.