Joe Madsen West Virginia Scouting Report

By PFC Draft Writer Joe Ward (@JoeyWard189)

joe madsen

Joe Madsen C West Virginia

Joey Madsen comes out of West Virginia starting thirty eight consecutive games, with all of them but seven having been at center (7 games started right guard). With one of the smoothest and most consistent shotguns snaps of the centers entering the draft, Madsen is one of the top pure centers on the board for the 2013 NFL draft.  Madsen is a tough football player who has great size and strength, that should be able to land him a spot on an NFL roster.


Madsen is a great long snapper and rarely have we seen a bad snap that was his fault. He is also a very athletic center who has the ability to reach the second level and take out incoming linebackers.  Experience is another thing that Madsen can add to his NFL resume. He started thirty eight games and in doing so learned a lot about the game, which gives him an exceptional football IQ. He should have no problem being the anchor of an offensive line and has the skill to identify and bring awareness to a defensive blitz.


Madsen main point of focus before the draft should be his strength. He has great technique and athleticism which can get you by at the collegiate level, but when faced with stronger defenders at the NFL level Madsen has showed he can be beaten. Allowing the defender to get into his pads is the reason behind most of Madsen’s missed assignments. He will need to improve on getting off the ball and applying a solid first hit or it could be a long rookie season for the 6’3” 310lb center.


Not only is Madsen a good offensive lineman, but he was a standout defensive lineman in high school as well. Athleticism and technique are definitely Madsen’s strongest tools both being extremely important at the NFL level.  He also possess a great awareness of the game, this can be attributed to his great deal of experience playing the center position. Madsen has played in enough games to know how to combine all of these tools and make sure they are inserted into his game. Madsen is arguably the most athletic center entering the 2013 NFL draft and should be within the first five centers off the board.


Toughness can be the word used to describe Joey Madsen’s character.  Let’s be honest here, you have to be one tough kid to start thirty eight consecutive games on the offensive line. Madsen has shown that he is a hard worker and has heard the criticism of his strength and has been working on it since. Madsen is a kid who is willing to listen to the advice of his coaches and peers and he should be a delight for any offensive line coach.


This is the stronger point of Madsen’s game, with his athleticism being the focal point of his success. He is able to reach his man after the snap and has shown that he can reach the second level without a problem. Questions are raised however, if he will be able to hold the blocks especially at the NFL level once he reaches the stronger/quicker linebackers in the league. His technique is also a reason why he was a successful run blocker. Madsen keeps a good base and pad level throughout his block and rarely is thrown off balance once he gets his feet moving. Once again if Madsen can improve his strength he should have no problem moving guys out of the way in the NFL.


This is the part of his game that Madsen will need to work on if he wants to start and remain a starter in the NFL. Madsen first hit during pass protection needs some work, especially because he will not be able to rely on his size to stop the bigger defensive pass rushers. He has shown that he can be easily knocked out of position by the stronger defensive lineman and relies on the help of his guards too much.  Although there are a lot of question when it comes to Madsen’s pass protection we have to remember that he was blocking for dynamic quarterback Geno Smith who had a good year in 2011-2012, with Madsen being his center every snap of the way.


Joe Madsen will most likely fall to the late 4th or 5th round draft pick with most teams trying to fill their guard and center voids. Although I do not see Madsen as someone who will start right away, he should be able to make a few appearances on the line during his rookie season. Madsen will most likely go to team who is looking for a solid run blocking center, or a team that likes to use the shotgun formation a lot. Overall Joey Madsen should be able to make a name for himself in the NFL through hard work, perseverance, and a little mentoring from a crafty veteran.

Tennessee (5.142)

Chicago (5.153)

Washington (5.154)

Green Bay (5.167)

Baltimore (5.168)