Barry Sanders Wins Madden Cover Vote

After weeks of fan voting and interaction, the competition is over. Barry Sanders was the winner of the Old School Bracket, while Adrian Peterson was the winner of the New School Bracket. The two collided in the finals, fans had a week to vote on the final pairing, and the results are in. Barry Sanders will be the new face of Madden 25. Many thought and expected Adrian to win this voting competition based on his career breaking season this past fall. The will be no “Madden Curse” this year because as you all know Barry doesn’t play in the league anymore. So it’s safe to say that nobody will be living up to the curse this year. Barry was a fast elusive running back during his prime: he was known to juke defenders out of their shoes. It’s very fitting that Madden will dawn a player of the past, and what better than Barry Sanders! Let’s just hope this year’s Madden has major upgrades in game play compared to year’s past!